Friday, 22 September 2017

Welcome to A Better Mill Hill

University of London Observatory
Welcome to our new Website. We are launching a campaign to make Mill Hill better. Mill Hill is awash with all sorts of organisations, blogs, Churches and campaigners. We have the worlds greatest Rugby Team on our doorstep with The Saracens. We have the University of London Obsevatory. We have some amazing green belt walks. We have what we believe to be Londons finest railway line (although it could be operated much better) with Thameslink. We have the Longest viaduct on the London Underground. We have three great places to shop, The Broadway, Mill Hill East and Salcombe Gardens, all of which have some fantastic shops and chippies! We have great bus links. We have Londons leading independent studios. We have some great restaurants and take aways. We have a great Bi Annual Music Festival, bring top artists to your doorstep. We have an excellent local Amatuer Dramatics society, Art club and we even have a business hub and a Library.

Angel Pond
But up until now, we haven't had a website for the whole of Mill Hill, promoting and campaigning for a better Mill Hill? We are campaigning for a cleaner, safer, Mill Hill, where our history, environment and people are protected and respected. We belive everyone who lives and works in Mill Hill needs a voice. We believe that our green belt should be protected, the potholes in our roads fixed. We believe that there is too much unpleasant signage and clutter on our streets. We believe that our roads should be safer for cyclists. We believe that public transport should be run for the benefit of the passengers, not the fat cats making huge profits from a captive service (we don't object to profits when a service is marvellous, but when it's awful, that's a different story). We believe that Mill Hill should and could be the best place in London to live. We believe that we should be working to make it attractive, healthy and fun.

Working for the whole of Mill Hill
We will he featuring great walks, as well as highlighting things which need fixing. We want to see our local councillors, local organisations and local campaigners working for the whole of Mill Hill. We want them to be committed to preserving the unique nature, opposing bad developments but welcoming good ones. We want them to fight for cleaner air quality, better cycling and public transport provision, less pot holes, removal of graffiti and a proper strategy for addressing vandalism.

If you have an article you want to feature about Mill Hill, get in touch.

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