Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mill Hill Focus - Issue #2 - Saturday 7th October 2017

Welcome to our second edition of our Mill Hill Focus. Over the coming weeks and months, our team will be bringing a weekly round up of all the news from Mill Hill. Keep an eye on our Twitter Account and send us a message of copy us into a Tweet if there is something you thing we should know.

Mill Hill Environment and Campaigns

Police and Council need to work together
Roger Tichborne and the Mill Hill Lib Dems have started a petition calling for the council and the local police to work together to address the recent spate of vandalism in Mill Hill Broadway. Roger told us 'In recent months we've seen repeated acts of vandalism in Mill Hill Broadway. Shop windows have been smashed, banners for the Mill Hill Music festival were slashed and we've seen all manner of other anti social behaviour. I was shocked to learn that the Council and the Police do not work together to use the CCTV footage to catch the perpetrators. We decided to start a petition and spent an hour in the Broadway talking to residents about it. Dozens of people came up to sign it. We spoke to Natasha at The Creamery, who has had her shop window smashed three times. She told us that the Council and Police told her that the could only help if she could give them a 20 minute time frame for the attack. This is ridiculous, I know from my own business that it takes five minutes to work out when such an incident happened. One of our music festival committee members was told that it was not a police priority to address vandalism. When he pointed out that the slashing of banners had been done by vandals armed with blades, he was told it was still only considered as vandalism'. Local Lib Dem organiser Richard Logue added 'It is hard enough for businessesin the Broadway as things are. These mindless attacks simply add to the stresses and costs of running a business. We believe that the council should take vandalism seriously. Stamping it out is a win win, because everywhere is nicer, businesses have less hassle and people feel safer walking the streets. Richard added 'You don't have to be a Lib Dem to sign the petition, we are just getting the ball rolling on behalf of local residents and business owners, who asked us if there was anything that could be done'.

We've also seen more unsightly bin bags around the Broadway. We urge the council and shop keepers to sort this issue out. It makes Mill Hill Broadway feel like a most unpleasant place.

There is also some important news from the Mayor of London

And work is progressing on the Mill Hill Town Square

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  1. Great to see photos of new Town Square. The Broadway rubbish situation is also much improved since a Barnet Council came to the Open Public meeting and heard from residents about the problems. Occasionally someone ignores the system but most weeks it is now working really well and The Broadway does not have loads of bins out day after day.

    It is probably a good idea for the Neighbourhood Forum to ask the council to attend a meeting in future if the vandal keeps attacking properties.

    It seems that the damage is done between 1 and 4 am at night. This a problem unless a security guard is hired. The Police have limited resources at that time. Hopefully the person responsible will stop or get caught. It is very annoying and one target has been Barnet Councils own expensive notice board which has been completely trashed several times. Perhaps they are politically motivated ? Residents are keeping watch I might add and so it is hoped the culprit will be caught ��


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