Sunday, 19 November 2017

Mill Hill Focus Special - Issue #8 - The End of Mill Hill as we know it?

St Josephs from Mill Hill Park
This week, we've learned of a highly disturbing new version of the planned redevelopment of Pentavia Retail Park.  There is no other way to describe this scheme except as the end of Mill Hill as we know it. Wheras Mill Hill is currently generally a leafy suburb, with a pleasant green feel to it, this new scheme will completely dominate the area, put pressure on local schools, buses, NHS facilities and roads and completely ruin the views from Bunns Lane and many other parts of Mill Hill. We urge all readers to carefully review this and make sure that they get active in opposing this scheme. We will be starting a petition shortly. so make sure that you watch out for details.

This morning we looked at some of the existing views.

Here is what we saw in Mill Hill Park on our walk.

The artists impression of these views in the new Pentavia brochure looks rather like this (and bear in mind they are putting the best possible spin on the picture)

Which view do you think looks better?

Then there is the view from Bunns Lane. Again, the developer has chosen the most favourable view they could draw. It looks rather like this.

On our morning walk, we snapped a few pictures of the current views. Do you really think it is a good idea to replace this with the monstrous carbuncle above.

This is the second draft of the plan. The developers say that they've been consulting with Mill Hill residents to come up with a better scheme. In the brochure they have a picture of the consultations, that have resulted in this new scheme.

I was quite disturbed to see that this "selection of residents" happened to be two of Mill Hill's Conservative Councillors, John Hart and Val Duschinsky. Are these councillors really happy to have their picture associated with promoting this development? Have they signed up to it as a positive improvement for Mill Hill. We note that these amended plans have not yet been submitted. We will be keeping a very close eye on this. Make sure that all of your friends are aware of the situation. Click on the names of the councillors listed above to get their email details. We urge all Mill Hill Residents to leave them in no doubt of your views.

It is worth noting that the developers will be able to charge a huge premium and make massive profits from the flats which have a spectacular view of Mill Hill Park. Sadly existing residents, taxpayers and users of Mill Hill park will simply be rewarded with an eyesore that spoils our views.

It is worth noting that The Mill Hill Preservation Society are leading the objections to the scheme.

Here is the full presentation.

Council Neglect

We are sad to see continuing signs of neglect of our neighbourhood by Barnet Council. 

There are numerous unsightly damaged and wonky lamp posts around Mill Hill

Unmaintained signage in Mill Hill Park

Transport Update

It appears that Thameslink and Seimens have finally started to get to grips with the climate control systems on their new trains. The Toasted by Thameslink website ran a poll and 50% of respoonders reported an improvement.

Generally there has been an improvement in reliability and punctuality over the last quarter.

News, photographs and events

A few things to report this week.

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