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Mill Hill Focus #27 - Mill Hill in the Sun, Litter Picking + other latest local news

Read all about Mill Hill's litter picking legends
Welcome to the 27th edition of our weekly newsletter for the Mill Hill Community. Published every Sunday, we bring all the latest news stories, events and other information for people living in and around Mill Hill. Do you want to see A Better Mill Hill? Do you want to contribute to making our area nicer, cleaner, greener, more friendly, with a better sense of local community?

The Focus team of Donna Pickup, Richard Logue and Roger Tichborne are all local residents, involved with the community and local schools. If you want to stay in touch with us and know what we are doing

Mill Hill in the Sun

The sun finally came out this week after what seemed like an endless winter. We seemed to switch from Winter to Summer without a Spring. We went from snowdrifts to cherryblossom almost overnight! We've been around Mill Hill this week snapping some of the sights

Mill Hill LItter Picking Legends

It seems that Barnet Council are having problems emptying the bins in Mill Hill Park. Luckily, there are plenty of community minded people in Mill Hill, from all sides of our community. They were out in force today in the Park doing our bit  for our community! If  you are interested in coming along, there is a Facebook group. Please join and help us keep our public space beautiful. 
CLICK HERE AND CLICK LIKE to join the Facebook group. All you need to do is give up one hour a month! It's Non political, non denomintaional and all are welcome. You even get a cup of tea when you finish, courtesy of the lovely Zoe!

News from the Mill Hill Lib Dems
Sury Khatri with MillHillLDsThe Liberal Democratshave received the backing of former Conservative Mill Hill Councillor Sury Khatri who was deselected by his own party in the run up to this year's Council Elections in Barnet.
Sury Khatri, who represented Mill Hill as a Conservative Councillor from 2010 until he resigned the whip in response to his deselection this year, said, "it has been an honour to serve as community champion for the residents of Mill Hill for 8 years. In that time I have tried my best to take up their issues and deliver real positive changes, such as the Diving Club, the future of the Library and with the many planning applications we have received. I fear though that my zealous advocacy for the residents of Mill Hill may have cost me the selection. As Cllr Dan Thomas [chair of Hendon Conservatives] lays the ground for his right wing and hard Brexit based leadership coup, he only wants 'yes' men in the Conservative group, and thus I have been discarded. Astonishing that after 8 years of serving the community, without a blemish on my record and more than a decade serving the party I have been silenced."
Mr Khatri thinks, "It's time for a change in Mill Hill," adding, "Vote Liberal Democrat, you won't get a better and more energetic team for Mill Hill ward than Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne."
Richard Logue, former chair of the Mill Hill Residents Association, Donna Pickup, local Arts teacher and Roger Tichborne, owner of the local Mill Hill Music Complex are standing in Mill Hill for the Liberal Democrats.
Speaking about Mr Khatri's endorsement Richard Logue said, "this is a fantastic endorsement from a well-liked Councillor who has been stabbed in the back by his party. Having worked with Mr Khatri on the NW7Hub Project in Mill Hill I can say that he is a man of great integrity. His support for a better community and his serious concerns about the One Barnet contracts should be listened to and not silenced."
The Liberal Democrats are confident they will take back the ward of Mill Hill where they were representatives from 1994 to 2010.
Explaining the response on the doorstep Roger Tichborne said, "people are fed up with the sub standard service from the Conservatives. The spiralling cost of the One Barnet outsourcing programme, where a recent overspend of around £100 million plus for contracts to Captia and Re, has resulted in less money for providing a decent level of service. Residents are sick and tired of pothole ridden streets, flytipping and litter everywhere and cutbacks to their library."
"People's Council Tax has been wasted lining the pockets of Capita and other private companies and not used to keep our community clean and safe," Roger adds.
"The Conservatives have taken Mill Hill for granted and they have failed us," adds Donna Pickup. "Their treatment of Mr Khatri is a reflection on the way they have treated Barnet. The Liberal Democrats will review failing outsourcing contracts and bring more police, better road management and sensible planning considerations to make Barnet safer, cleaner, greener and more accountable for all residents."

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