Sunday, 24 March 2019

Mill Hill Focus #51 - The Latest Mill Hill News inc Mill Hill Rugby Club promoted!

Spring has come to Mill Hill and like many Mill Hill Residents, the team have been enjoying the sunshine. There are some amazing walks in Mill Hill, we particularly enjoy the trail from Wills Grove  across Arrendene that has some amazing views.

The team have also been working with Hale Councillor Laithe Jajeh to try and get a clean up of Scratchwoods. We showed the problems to Laithe a few weeks ago and he is doing his best to get the Council to come up and clean up the mess. It is important to work across the community to resolve such problems. We will report back when the problem is cleared.

Mill Hill Music Festival

The programme for the Mill Hill Music festival has been announced. We think that this is the best ever! The festival runs from the 14th-22nd June and has some amazing nights, including International Superstars The Foundations, The BBC Elstree concert Band and Jazz Legend Alan Barnes.

There are three free gigs at the Adam and Eve Pub, which has had a place of affection in local peoples hearts for a long time, as this tweets demonstrates!

There will also be events at St Pauls Church, Hartley Hall, Mill Hill Golf club and Mill Hill Synagogue. 

For all details about the Festival, check the Festival Website -

You can also follow the Festival on Facebook here and Twitter here for the latest news and updates. 

Report from Team Member Richard Logue on the Brexit March

Donna and I took part in yesterday’s March for a People’s Vote. We’ve always enjoyed the anti Brexit marches but this one was special from the outset. As soon as we got on the tube at Finchley Central we found out most of our fellow passengers were going on the March and were delighted to discover Donna was carrying a big roll of Bollocks to Brexit stickers! Lots of good humour marked the start of the day and this was to continue right the way through.

We were expecting a huge turnout but we weren’t prepared for the sheer sea of humanity that greeted us when we got to the Dorchester Hotel to meet with our fellow Liberal Democrats.

We must have waited at the Dorchester for two and a half hours before we finally got underway. As we turned into Piccadilly the crowd stretched far ahead of us and we weren’t any way near the actual front of the March. We met with fellow Lib Dem Sachin Patel and his partner and marched the whole way through to Parliament Square. We didn’t reach Parliament Square until after 5pm. Police have estimated the numbers marching to be between 1.5 to 2 million. It was certainly the biggest March I’ve ever been at.

On our way home the tube was packed with fellow marchers, still waving and smiling at each other. This morning listening to the BBC you would never know the whole thing happened.

Other Mill Hill News

Here is our round up of other Mill Hill News.

Dangerous pavements. 

We are concerned about the poor state of many pavements in Mill Hill. This one, outside the synagogue is of particular concern, given the elderly and disabled people that regularly visit. We believe these bodged jobs are simply not good enough.

Mixed Ability Rugby

Mill Hill Spring Craft fair (On today until 6pm)

Mill Hill Rugby Club have won Promotion!

Congratulations lads

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