Sunday, 10 March 2019

Mill Hill Focus #50 - A half century of newsletters for Mill Hill!

Arrendene Open Space
This is our 50th edition of the Mill Hill Focus newsletter. We hope that you are enjoying it. Our newsletter brings a round up of all the latest local news for Mill Hill.  We have a regular round up of local planning schemes of note and other events in the locality.

Our aim is to promote a better environment for everyone in Mill Hill and to work to bring the communty together. We also love to bring pictures showing the many beautiful landscapes from our neighbourhood. We welcome feedback from all locals.

Pentavia Scheme

This week sees a major event that we urge all residents to participate in. The prospective developers of the Pentavia site are holding a public viewing of their plans.

We believe that the size and scale of this development is unsuitable for the site. There are many reasons why we believe that this is not the right scheme. We detailed them HERE.

How to comment on the application

If you wish to make any further representations on this application you can email You can make representations up until the hearing.

The biggest problem for local people is that they are caught in the crossfire of a war between Barnet Council's Conservative administration and the Labour Mayor. The Barnet Administration antagonised the Mayor by passing a motion declaring him an enemy of the people. As a result, the London Mayor has used every tool available to beat the local authority and we suspect that Pentavia will be the latest example. We need to move away from playground politics, to a system where all parties work together for the good of local residents and the wider needs of the city. A scheme such as this will benefit nobody as it will potentially cause gridlock on the roads and a blight on the landscape. We believe that it will have a devastating effect on traffic an A1/A41 and flows at Mill Hill Circus. This could affect TFL bus routes 113, 186, 251, 221 and 240. We hope the Mayor takes note of this and the polluting effects of the congestion.

Planning Update

Sweet Tree Farm
Mill Hill Residents may be interested to see the proposed changes to Sweet Tree Farm

Use of land/buildings for the purpose of agriculture
SweetTree Fields Marsh Lane London NW7 4EY
Ref. No: 19/1204/192 | Received: Fri 01 Mar 2019 | Validated: Mon 04 Mar 2019 | Status: Pending Consideration

 Other Mill Hill News

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