Sunday, 3 March 2019

Mill Hill Focus #49 - Mill Hill News Round Up

Mill Hill Litter Pickers
There have been a few things of note going on in Mill Hill this week. We dedicated a special edition to the latest news on Pentavia earlier this week. This week the Barnet Times revealed that The London Borough of Barnet is the 5th most built upon Borough in London. It seems that the idea of our neighbourhood is rapidly becoming nothing more thana memory. This is why we need community.

Here is the rest of the news

Barnet Copthall Leisure centre Travel Plan

Capita have released the travel plan for the new Copthall Leisure Centre recently. We are disappointed that there is little in the plan to encourage modal shift to walking and cycling. We believe that having a target of 47% of journey by car is a hopelessly outdated target for an urban development.

We urge all local people to review the plan. Comments and objections can be posted at the link below on Barnet Council website.

Submission of details of condition 12 (Travel plan) pursuant to planning permission 16/6074/FUL dated 08/08/17 Open for comment icon
Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre Champions Way London NW4 1PX
Ref. No: 19/1114/CON | Received: Tue 26 Feb 2019 | Validated: Tue 26 Feb 2019 | Status: Pending Consideration 

Bluebells Cafe goes cashless to beat the thieves

Bluebells Cafe has decided to stop taking cash payments, as they have been targetted by thieves. is this the way forward for the High St. There is a Facebook poll on Inside Mill Hill giving you the chance to have your say on this initiative.

Jazz in Mill Hill

This weeks offering at the Mill Hill Jazz Club at The Mill Hill Golf Club

Mill Hill Music Festival Update

Successful litter pick in Mill Hill Park

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