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Mill Hill Focus #52 - Some interesting news from Mill Hill

Richards picture of Arrendene
Welcome to this weeks news round up. This week we have a short interview with Mill Hill Resident, Richard Wilkinson, who has just launched an excellent new website for Mill Hill residents. Unlike this website and several other local blogs, it does not carry opinions or views. It is, as Richard describes it a "Signpost website".

Richard is a long term Mill Hill resident, who retired last year. He is an avid walker and photographer of the local flora and fauna. He has put together a site, after being inspired by finding a useful local information site on a visit to Australia a couple of years ago. Like the local litter pickers, Richard is another example of the local people who want to do their bit for our neighourhood.

Click here to check it out->>>

Us - Hi Richard, can you tell us why you put the website together

Richard - I retired late last year and I have some time on my hands. I don't do twitter or facebook but I am an avid browser of the internet, mosty local history, photography and walks. Many towns have websites that pull together all of the local history, transport etc and I thought Mill Hill could use one. A couple of years ago we stayed in St Kilda's in Melbourne and they had a great website that made it easy to find out where to go and what to do. I thought it would be nice to have something like that for Mill Hill.  I also quite fancied learning how to design websites. It gives me a chance to put some of the pictures I take of Mill Hill to good use (Ed Note: Richard has been sending us his pictures for a year to use on our website, so you may have seen one or two before). I will eventually have a gallery for them.

Us - What have you put on the site?

Richard - There are three main sections at the moment. There is a How to Get to Mill Hill section. This has details of the local train and bus services. I thought this would be useful for people visiting Mill Hill or staying with family, who want to get out and about. There is a restaurant guide. I considered doing reviews, but decided that a link to Trip advisor would be better and more objective, so you can see the list and if one grabs you, then you can get the Trip Advisor review with a click. No point re-inenting the wheel. Again for people new to town, I think this will be useful. Then there is the local history and services. Originally, this was just going to be the services and churches etc, but I found some great sites of local pictures, and thought I'd add that as well. I am going to add a local businesses page as well soon. This will just be local tradesmen etc.

Us - How did you get into website design?

Richard -  I thought that a signposting site would be useful for Mill Hill,  I had time on my hands,  and thought a course in web design would be interesting. The site was a good project to put what I learned to a practical use. I wanted to simply put together something that I would use if I was a visitor to the area, or had just moved in. The U3A have all sorts  resources that helped me get up to speed.

(Ed note: IT courses can be found on the London directory )

Us - Have you got involved with the Mill Hill Preservation Society or the Neighbourhood forum, as you seem a pretty community minded guy?

Richard - No, the Preservation Society is mainly concerned with conservation of the Green belt, which is important, but doesn't really interest me particularly.  There is some interesting info on their website, especially the historical info and walks. As for the Neighbourhood forum. I went to a public meeting a year or two ago, it wasn't my cup of tea. I am not really a "committee person". I'm not criticising anyone, I just wanted to do something practical and deliverable without having to sit around in meetings and committees for years.

Us - How do people get in touch about the site?

Richard -  If people see something that is clearly wrong or could be better there is a contact form. I don't really want to get into discussions or form a committee to improve it. It's just a bit of fun. If someone finds a new picture website or something like that, they can let me know.

Us - Anything else to say to Mill Hill?

Richard - Yes, if like me you are recently retired and widowed, checkout U3A. It's good to have something to do. I've been working on the site for about six months in my spare time, working out how to put it together. I think it will take another year to get it how I want it. I do a couple of hours a week work on it.

We wish Richard well with his efforts.

This Weeks Pictures

Pentavia Update

We received the following response from the Mayor of London regarding our objections to the Pentavia Scheme.
Dear Consultee
Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended); Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (“EIA Regulations”); Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) England Order 2015 (DMPD); Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008.
Consultation on revised documents for planning application at Pentavia Retail Park, Watford Way, Mill Hill, in the London Borough of Barnet
You have previously been consulted on planning application reference 17/8102/FUL (‘the Application’) submitted to the London Borough of Barnet Council on 21 December 2017 by Meadow Residential (‘the Applicant’) for the following development:
‘Redevelopment of the site including the demolition of all existing buildings and construction of 724 new Build to Rent Class C3 residential units, 949 sqm ancillary residential facilities; 987 sqm of non-residential floorspace (Use Class A1, A3-A4 and D1) within buildings ranging from 5 to 15 storeys, a new pedestrian access off Bunns Lane; open space, landscaping; car parking; acoustic mitigation and highway/pedestrian improvements.’

At: Pentavia Retail Park, Watford Way, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2ET
The Application is accompanied by an environmental statement in accordance with the EIA Regulations.
On 5 November 2018, the Mayor of London (of City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA) issued a direction to the London Borough of Barnet that he will act as the Local Planning Authority for the purposes of determining the Application (under article 7 of the Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008 and the powers conferred by Section 2A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)).  The Mayor’s reasons for issuing this direction are available to read on the Greater London Authority (“GLA”) website at:
Subsequent to the Mayor’s direction, on 22 March 2019 the applicant submitted revisions to the Application including:

  • the provision of 41% affordable housing (increased from 35%);
  • changes to the tenure of affordable units to provide: 131 Discount Market Rent units; 57 Discount Market rent units at London Living Rent levels; 94 London Affordable Rent units; and 63 London Shared Ownership units;
  • a reduction in the amount of ancillary residential facilities from 949 sq.m. to 885 sq.m. (-64 sq.m.);
  • an increase in the amount of non-residential floorspace (Use Class A1, A3-A4 and D1) from 987 sq.m. to 1,028 sq.m. (+41 sq.m.);
  • changes in the height of Blocks B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R and amendments to the elevational treatment;
  • a reduction in car parking from 545 spaces to 397 spaces (-148 spaces);
  • revised pedestrian and cycle access and the relocation of bus stops on Bunns Lane and the A1 (northbound); and
  • an increase in cycle parking spaces from 1,182 spaces to 1,603 spaces (+421 spaces).
The applicant’s submission includes further environmental information under Regulation 25 of the EIA Regulations in relation to the Environmental Statement which has already been provided.
The revisions and other information can be inspected by members of the public at all reasonable hours (between 9am and 5pm) at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA until 5pm on 6 May 2019.
·         Barnet Council website at: (using ref: 17/8102/FUL).

How to comment: If you intend to make representations of objection or support in respect of the revisions to the Application and/or the other information relating to the Environmental Statement these should be sent in writing or by email to the following address by 6 May 2019:
  • Email address:
  • Postal address:  Pentavia Retail Park Public Hearing, The Planning Team, Greater London Authority, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA
  • Any representations must be received by the Greater London Authority by 6 May 2019.

Consultation period: The consultation period runs until 6 May 2019. The application will not be decided before this consultation period ends. Comments received after the date referred to above, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account but failure to meet this deadline could result in your comments not being considered. Any representations you have previously made on this application to London Borough of Barnet will still be taken into account.
How will the application be decided?  The Mayor of London will consider the planning applications at a public representation hearing to be held at City Hall. A date for this will be advertised in due course and all respondents will be notified. Further details on this process are available on the GLA website as above.
Yours sincerely,

JM signature

Juliemma McLoughlin

Chief Planner

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