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Mill Hill Focus #47 - Undertones Legend Feargal Sharkey backs us keeping Mill Hills streams clean

Winter views of Mill Hill Park
Welcome to this weeks news letter for Mill Hill. If you have some news for us, please ping us a message at our Twitter account

It has to be said that Mill Hill has been absoultely glorious this week. Our morning strolls around the parks and open spaces have been a joy to behold. Although we don't as a rule plug local businesses, we have been thoroughly enjoying our smoked salmon and chopped herring bagels in Yummies to round off the walks this week. They seem to be the ideal breakfast treat to round off a brisk walk!

As ever there is plenty of local news to share.

Feargal Sharkey backs our campaign to keep local streams  clean and safe

We are delighted that legendary Undertones frontman and Barnet resident Feargal Sharkey has pitched in to support our efforts to keep the streams of Mill Hill safe and clean. Yesterday, we were alarmed to see clear signs of pollution on Folly Brook, which runs parallel to the footpath that links Burtonhole Lane in Mill Hill to Totterridge.

Yesterday we posted this tweet warning dog walkers of the potential risks from whatever the contamination is. We are working with waterways expert Laurence Bard, who runs the Pond Life waterway maintenance company and is an expert in such matters to get the contaminents identified. Mr Bard has also notified the Environment agency.

As well as being a superb musician, Feargal is also passionate about waterways. Having seen our post, he chipped in with some very useful advice.

We went back and had a look but much of the brook is inaccessible and there are very few houses on the route, so were unable to ascertain if this was the cause of the problem. We have been walking the route for over 40 years and have never seen this before so are rather perplexed as to where the contamination could be coming from. Until the source has been identified, we advise that dogs be kept on leads and all hands are thoroughly washed if opening gates etc in the vicinity. The big worry is that this stream feeds Darlands Lake and Dollis Brook etc. As there is a possibility that this is a wash off from the neighbouring NIMR site, we are sure that Barratts, as a responsible developer will be keen to ensure that the source is identified ASAP and look forward to their assistance in tracing the problem.

We will be keeping you well informed. Please make sure anyone who uses the path is aware.

Mill Hill Music Complex Celebrates its 40th Birthday

Mill Hill's world famous recording and rehearsal studio celebrated it's 40th Birthday this week. The studio has become a local institution with over 2,000 musicians, dancers, and other creative people using the studios every week. Over the years some of the worlds most loved artists have made their way to Mill Hill to use the studios. Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age even had his nose cut off in studio 1 for an episode of Toast of London.

We wish them a very happy birthday.

Mill Hill Planning Update

Domino's Pizza Delivery service.

Dominos have now published their plan for deliveries, which is subject to planning approval. Full details are here. Click the link for full details

Submission of details of condition 8 (Waste Management Plan), 9 (Servicing and Delivery Driver Management Plan), pursuant to planning permission appeal ref APP/N5090/W/18/3207746 (planning ref 18/1288/FUL) dated 04/01/2019 Open for comment icon 
127 The Broadway London NW7 3TJ
Ref. No: 19/0528/CON | Received: Wed 30 Jan 2019 | Validated: Wed 30 Jan 2019 | Status: Pending Consideration

 The area which most residents will be interested in concerns their delivery drivers. Here is what it says

Delivery DriversThis  document  sets  out  the  measures  that  will  be  put  in  place  to  ensure any  noise  or disturbance from delivery drivers is kept to a minimum at all times. In relation to the numbers of delivery drivers,  the  precise number cannot  be known until the store is operating.  However, based on other similar stores there would typically be 2-4 drivers operating during the day (until 6pm) and 6-8 drivers during the busy evening period (between 6pm  and  9pm).    After  this  time,  the  trade  would reduce,and  the  number  of  drivers  would likely revert to 2-4 until closing time. The delivery drivers will only  be making short stops and will be out  delivering pizzas for most of the time. Therefore, it is very unlikely that there would be more than 2 (or at the very most 3) needing to park near the store at the same time. The  delivery  drivers  would  utilise  a  mixture  of  mopeds,  electric  mopeds  and  cars.   There  is a rear yard area  which can be accessed directly off Goodwyn Avenue.  This can be  used by the delivery drivers of the proposed hot food takeaway.  This area could accommodate a number of mopeds.Only delivery  drivers  using electric  mopeds will  usethis  rear  yard  area  to  ensure  there  is no noise from the running of engines. The drivers using cars or non-electric mopeds would utilise on-street spaces on The Broadway or Goodwyn  Avenue.    During  the  later  hours the  drivers  using  non-electric  mopeds  or  cars would  always  aim  to  park  along  The  Broadway  wherever  possible as there  would  be a high level of existing activity to the front of the store.

In  line  with  the permitted opening  hours,  the  takeaway  will  be  open to  customer  collections and  deliveries  between  the  hours  of  11.00  and  23.00  Sunday  to  Wednesday  and  between 11.00 and midnight Thursday  to Saturday.  No hot  food deliveries will be made from the unit outside of these hours. The  delivery  drivers  will  undertake  a  training  programme, code  of  conduct  training  and compulsory basic training to ensure that they are respectful to any neighbours, the customers of the takeaway and other road users. At all times during the store’s opening hours, a manager will be on duty.  The manager will be a visible presence  within the  store, ensuring effective  staff management and management of delivery drivers as well as customers. In  addition  to  this,  signs  will  be  posted  within  the  store  and  at  the  rear  of  the  building  to remind  delivery  drivers  of  their  responsibilities  to  ensure  noise  and  disturbance  is  kept  to  a minimum.  Such signs will inform delivery drivers that they must switch off their engines once parked, ensure  they  do  not  slam  car  doors,  play  music  loudly  etc.   These  measures will  be further enforced by the store managers
The team at A Better Mill Hill believe this plan to be hopelessly inadequate to protect the interest of local residents. We are urging all local people to post objections and ask for the following conditions to be applied, to reduce noise, pollution and disturbance.

1. All deliveries under 1 mile must be made using biccycle deliveries, as most environmentally responsible delivery services are seeking to do, unless the size of order precludes this.

2. All deliveries which are of a size, distance or volume too large for a cycle courier, should be delivered by couriers using electric cargo bikes.

3. If there is a requirement for car or moped deliveries, these vehicles should be electric.

4. Delivery drivers in cars must not play music at any time when parked or waiting in Mill Hill Broadway. This will be a written into contracts as a breach of terms of emplyment and any driver caught breaking these rules will be dismissed.

5. All local residents affected by noise will be given a hotline number to senior Dominos Pizza representatives so that any breaches can be reported easily and dealt with immediately.

We believe that these measures will provide a degree of mitigation of disturbance that would make the operation bearable for local residents.

There is also major development planned for IBSA house on the Ridgway. If you live around this area, you may want to check this out as it is likely to affect you.

Change of use from Offices (Class B1(a)) to 127 Residential dwellings (Class C3) Open for comment icon
Ibsa House The Ridgeway London NW7 1RN
Ref. No: 19/0329/PNO | Received: Mon 21 Jan 2019 | Validated: Tue 29 Jan 2019 | Status: Pending Consideration

Other Local News

Quality Blues at Mill Hill Jazz Club

Mill Hill Rugby Club Thrash Pinner

And Mill Hill's other rugby club did OK as well!


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