Sunday, 24 February 2019

Mill Hill Focus #48 - Broadway Special

Today we were out and about in Mill Hill Broadway. The general state of dilapidation and decay is most upsetting. Here are just a few of the problems we found

Cracked pavements (outside Iceland by Pelican Crossing

Trip hazard (By crossing on Millway)

Damaged parking sign

Broken flower basket hanger

Damaged Flowerbed wall

Trip hazard outside Costa (on Millway)
What is tragic about all of this is that there are fine buildings on the Broadway. It could be stunning.

Mill  Hill Broadway Buildings
Given the state of Mill Hill Broadway, it is clear that our local councillors have taken their eye off the ball. There is no proactive action from and clearly the councillors never look. People should not put themselves forward if they aren’t interested. We are planning to launch a scheme to combat this neglect watch this space!

Other News

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