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Mill Hill Focus #56 - Mill Hill News Round up 19 May 2019

Mill Hill News Roundup

Licensing Application for Alcohol and Music in Mill Hill Broadway

Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum has submitted an application for an alcohol and entertainments license for the "Town Square" (are of land adjoining Brockenhurst Gardens/Mill Hill Broadway).

There are some rather interesting comments and objections from local residents, which we think Mill Hill Residents should be aware of - click hereto read the full reports pack.

The basic license submission is as follows.

The Town Square, End of Brockenhurst Gardens,  Mill Hill, London, NW7 3LL

1. The Applicants

The application was submitted by John Gillett on behalf of Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.
2. Application

The application before the subcommittee was submitted under Section 17 of the Licensing Act 2003 for an application for a New Premises Licence. The application seeks to allow the following:

Supply of Alcohol - for consumption on the premises only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:30hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

 Performance of a play – Outdoors Only 

Monday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs

 Exhibition of a film -  Outdoors Only
 Monday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs  Friday  14:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs

 Performance of live music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs

 Playing of recorded music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday to Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Friday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Saturday  09:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

Performance of dance -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Thursday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

The Provision of anything of a similar description to live music, recorded music or performance of dance - Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs Friday   11:00hrs - 23:00hrs Saturday  11:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

To allow the premises to remain open to the public

Standard Days & Timings  Monday  09:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday & Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday   09:00hrs - 22:00hrs Friday & Saturday  09:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs 

A full copy of the application form and plan can be seen attached to this report in Annex 1. 

3. Agreements

The applicants have been in communication with the Police during the application processes.  These discussions have led to the applicants agreeing to amend their application to include the following conditions.  Please note that should the application be granted these conditions will automatically be attached to Annex 2 of the Premises Licence.   • Stewards with an appropriate level of experience shall be present at all events. The numbers of stewards required are to be based on a risk assessment carried out the event organiser. Advice from the police will be given where required

• In the event that a children's area is provided it will be monitored by stewards (who are DBS checked) at all times and signage will be displayed requiring parents/ legal guardians not to leave children unattended

• The stage to be supervised by stewards at all times when a performance is taking place

• Music will remain under the control of the event manager.

• A point of contact will be advertised for residents to contact the event manger if they have any issues, such as noise disruption. 

• A member of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum shall be present at all times the town square is being used for the purpose of this premises licence. As such, anybody in this supervisory capacity will have been DBS checked and will be fully briefed on his/her responsibilities to promote the four licensing objectives.

• There will be no external promoters solely running events using this premises licence

• Barnet Police Licensing team will be notified by email of any event to be held in conjunction with this licence where alcohol will be sold at least 5 clear working days prior to it taking place. • Activities involving live or amplified music between 2000 hours and 2300 hours will take place no more than once per calendar month (This has been requested to protect the residents nearby from regular noise disturbance)

• The DPS of this licence must ensure they complete a written authority for those selling alcohol where they do not hold their own personal licence. A copy of this must be kept in the event log book.

• The person in charge of the event must maintain a log book at each event which will contain the following;

 1 - The full premises licence (or certified photocopy)   2 - Details of all the stewards working that event including their contact details   3 - An itinerary of the event with times and names of persons participating where        applicable  4 - Any incidents reported to the event manager

A full copy of the agreement can be seen attached to this report in Annex 2.  

4. Representations

The Licensing Team have received 14 valid representations from members of the public and one from the Mill Hill Ward Panel (containing the details of 10 members). These representations relate to the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime & disorder, the protection of children from harm and prevention of public nuisance. 

Responsible Authorities

The Licensing Team have not received any representations from any of the responsible authorities.

The representations can be seen attached to this report in Annex 3.

5. Attaching conditions

The operating schedule, which is part of the application, includes certain additional steps that the applicant will take to protect the licensing objectives. These will become enforceable conditions, should the licence be granted. Additional conditions may be attached to the licence if the committee thinks it appropriate.

The Committee must have regard to all of the representations made and the evidence it hears, and is asked to note that it may not attach conditions or reject the whole or part of the application merely because it considers it desirable to do so.  It must actually be appropriate in order to promote the licensing objectives.

In relation to conditions, the statutory guidance at chapter 10.8 states that “The licensing authority may not impose any conditions unless its discretion has been engaged following receipt of relevant representations and it is satisfied as a result of a hearing (unless all parties agree a hearing is not necessary) that it is appropriate to impose conditions to promote one or more of the four licensing objectives. 

Full Copies of the Councils Statement of Licensing Policy, the Statutory Guidance to the Act and the Council’s Guide to Good Practice at Licensed Premises will be available at the Licensing Sub Committee hearing or in advance if required.  

Markets at the 'Mill Hill Town Square'

The Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum Facebook account has reported that the weekly markets at the Town Square have been paused.

Vibe Market would like to announce that the weekly In the Square Market is being paused for the time being. After a six week trial we have learned a great deal about which days work best for a weekly market in Mill Hill town centre and have received valuable feedback from residents about the types of stalls they would like to see in a regular market. The market aims to return if possible after a rethink and further discussions with interested stall holders who are unable to commit until later in the year. We would like to thank the local community for their support.

Darlands Lake

We are sorry to report that Darlands Lake is once again looking rather forlorn. This is a nature reserve and a site of special scientific interest. It is time that Barnet Council started to fulfil its responsibilities.

News Item from Mill Hill Churches Newsletter

There are several events coming up which have been organised by the Mill Hill Churches.

Historic Mill Hill

The Mill Hill Historical Society have posted some very interesting information. Check this out

Local Music News

European Elections

This Thursday we have elections for the European Parliament elections. This may well be your last opportunity to send the Government a message. We strongly urge all voters in Mill Hill to vote and to cast your vote for parties with a clearly defined position. If you support the remain position, this is clearly the Liberal Democrats.

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