Sunday 8 May 2022

Many thanks to all of the people in Mill Hill who voted Lib Dem and supported our campaign


The Mill Hill Lib Dem team would like to thank all of the people in Mill Hill who supported our campaign and were so kind to us when we spoke to you and knocked on your doors. We are sorry we couldn't persuade enough people to support us to make a change in Mill Hill, but please rest assurred that we are here for the long term and will continue to work for our community. 

A special thanks to all our friends who delivered leaflets, contributed to printing costs, helped on polling day and helped us canvass.

Although we didn't win the ward, we did manage to force the local Conservatives to do a U-Turn on the plan for a permanent fun fair in Mill Hill park. We just hope they keep their promises now!

Our team will continue to work for the people of Mill Hill and we genuinely believe that in 2026, after four years of a Labour council, Mill Hill will want to be represented by people who stand up for Mill Hill and who concentrate on our neighbourhood. The campaign starts today to win in Mill Hill in 2026. Please join the Lib Dems and help us build a team to win next time. 

Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne

Your Mill Hill Lib Dem focus team and candidates in 2022

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Meet your Mill Hill Lib Dem Candidates

Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne 
are standing in the local elections this Thursday 5th May for the Liberal Democrats in Mill Hill ward. If you live in Mill Hill and agree that it’s time for a real change in Barnet, please make sure your voice is heard by going out there to vote.

Make sure you give your three votes to Mill Hill's amazing Lib Dem Candidates

Meet your candidates

Richard Logue

Richard lives in the Poets Corner area of Mill Hill and is a project management consultant in the Railway Industry. He is the former Chair of Mill Hill Residents Association and founded the NW7Hub charity that took over Mill Hill library when Barnet Council threatened it with closure. Richard is an active Liveryman with the Worshipful Company of Educators in the City of London and has two grown up children and a hyperactive cat.

Donna Pickup

Donna says "We are campaigning to bring back Liberal Democrat councillors to Mill Hill. Councillors who will put the needs of residents first, if elected on May 5th our promise to you is that we will implement the following: 

1: Have your voice heard by the Council 

2: Bring back street skip collections to end the plague of fly tipping 

3: We will cancel the current attempts to run commercial events in our parks all year round 

4: We will protect your interests and our much needed Green Belt."

Roger Tichborne

Roger has lived his whole life in Mill Hill. He runs the Mill Hill Music Studios, and is one of the organisers of the Mill Hill Music Festival. 

Roger is a well known figure in Barnet and across London thanks to his Barneteye blog and regular appearances on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London. Roger has three grown up children. 

Roger's two dogs take him out on long walks all over Mill Hill and the Totteridge valley.

What we will do:

Our plan to end the pothole plague

 What we care about:

We are fighting to oppose the Council's plan to turn Mill Hill's parks into permanent funfair sites and venues for massive raves

Remember - Vote Lib Dem in Mill Hill on May 5th

Sunday 1 May 2022

Our plan to fix the Mill Hill Pothole Plague



Watch this short film explaing how the Mill Hill Lib Dems will fix the pothole plague.

If you want to see our roads fixed properly, then vote Lib Dem on May 5th

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Huge Music Festival for 10,000 people to attend music festival on Copthall Fields in August 11am - 10pm

A huge music festival for 10,000 people is scheduled to take place on Copthall playing fields on Saturday 20th August. You can find full details at - The website says "Subject to Licence", which is why it is of the utmost importance that residents are aware of this event and have an opportunity to express their views. It seems very strange to us that the website is running and tickets are available, without a licence being agreed for such a large event. We are concerned that the local councillors may have agreed to park the application until after the local elections on 5th May, to avoid embarrassing questions.

The festival will take place on Green Belt fields in Copthall (not in the stadium) and will run from 11am until 10pm according to details on the website. Tickets are on sale now. Artists featured include Kenny Dope and Dennis Ferrer

Residents will be familiar with the long queues for buses to Copthall when Saracens play. This event will be on a similar size, but as a far lower number of people attending are likely to be from NW7, huge crowds will be hanging around Mill Hill until the early hours of the morning, having been revelling since 10am,  waiting for transport home.

Whilst we are all for events and activities that are good for local residents and the local economy, we were disturbed to learn of an article in the Enfield Independent detailing the damage caused to Trent Park the last time the festival was held there, resulting in Enfield Council banning the festival from the Borough (

We are most surprised that the local Conservative Councillors are so quiet about the whole subject. We know Barnet Council is desperately seeking to generate cash from local parks and believe such events to be most lucrative. Sadly, it will be NW7 residents who pay the price with traffic, noise and disruption.

Your local Mill Hill Lib Dem candidates raised the issue with Barnet Council as soon as we learned of the plans and were simply informed that ‘discussions were ongoing’. We raised a series of objections. We have not yet received the assurances we had hoped for that residents would be properly consulted and listened to. If you want Councillors who represent you and are willing to fight your corner when such proposals are made, please vote Lib Dem on May 5th.

We are available to discuss any issues you think should be dealt with. Please contact us by email at

Please use your three votes for the Liberal Democrat team who are fighting for your interests here in Mill Hill. If you have a POSTAL VOTE please use it now to Vote LIB DEM.

Sunday 17 April 2022

Mill Hill's parks are under threat - Update

Conservative Facebook post
STOP PRESS. The Barnet Tories have been making claims that the application has been withdrawn. A council officer has confirmed that this is just "for now". Do you think that it's not only Boris who is not entirely straight with the public?

Council response to Resident

Barnet Council have recently posted a licencing application

( on some lamp posts near and in  Mill Hill Park.

The application states:

Sign in Mill Hill Park

A new application seeking to allow: For all the activities below the hours are as follows; Monday – Sunday 10:00 -20:00 Plays Both Indoors and outdoors) Films Both Indoors and outdoors) Live music ( Both Indoors and outdoors ) Recorded music (Both Indoors and outdoors) Performances of dance Both Indoors and outdoors) Anything of a similar description to that falling within (e), (f) or (g) Anything of a similar description to that falling within (e), (f) or (g) “This application is to ensure that the park is correctly licenced for any future ad-hoc events ”

This application has very serious implications for residents like you who live near Mill Hill Park. At present if anyone wishes to run an event in the park, they must apply for a temporary events licence. Only a maximum of 15 events per year with a capacity of 499 – including staff – can be currently run at the park.

If this licence is approved events can run all year at the park and a premises licence allows a maximum capacity of 4999. Imagine the parking chaos and noise!

We are hearing that the fun fair at Brent Cross is looking for a new venue. Mill Hill Park could be that venue under this licence.

We must stop this from happening. It is vital that YOU put in a representation email to Barnet Council licencing to oppose this, but time is running short. You have until May 2nd – before the elections – to submit a representation at

Barnet Council state the following:

• Representations must relate to one of more of the four licensing objectives, the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm.

We are available to discuss any issues you think should be dealt with. Please contact us by email at

Postal votes are being sent out, election day is Thursday May 5th. Please use your three votes for the Liberal Democrat team who are fighting for your interests here in Mill Hill.

Copthall Green Space under threat.

As if this wasn't bad enough, they are also planning to turn Copthall playing fields into a huge music venue this summer, with 10,000 people attending a large festival on green belt fields. The proposed license for the festival will have music until 10pm and will see thousands of revelllers descending on Mill Hill's train station when the music finishes. It will take at least two hours for such a crowd to disperse. The festival organisers are moving to Barnet after huge problems at it's previous home in Enfield, leading to Enfield Council banning the festival. Read this report in the Enfield press

All of this is happening because the local Conservative Council have messed up the finances and are desperate to rent out the parks to bring in some cash to the empty coffers. 

Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne – Mill Hill’s Liberal Democrat candidates.

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Mill Hill Focus #59 - Three weeks to go until we can change Mill Hill for the better - Election Information

In three weeks time we will know the make up of Barnet Council for the next four years. It has been a Conservative controlled council since 2002. Prior to that it was run by a coalition, where the Lib Dems were able to achieve many good things for our community. We have a month to win back Mill Hill. Labour has never won a seat in the ward and the Lib Dems had councillors throughout the 1990's until 2010. In the last Euro elections, the Lib Dems won convincingly in Mill Hill ward, the only elections where there was a fair system of proportional representation. If you want to see a better Mill Hill, the Lib Dems are the only party that will deliver it. 

Your canditates are

Richard Logue

Donna Pickup

Roger Tichborne

We are proud to have the opportunity to represent you. We need your help. Please can you email us at if you can help. Any practical help you can offer will be gratefully accepted, this includes canvassing, delivering leaflets, acting as a teller on polling day and giving Lib Dem voters a lift to the polling station on election day.

If you need help organising postal or proxy votes, please also email the above address.

We've been asked what our priorities are. These are the things we will be fighting for, if we are elected as councillors

* Value for money for Council Tax Payers - We will use our experience of running our business to make sure your money is not wasted.

* Fix potholes and roads properly - We live locally so we will make sure that contractors do road repairs properly. We will not simply fob off residents with excuses

* Protect the Green Belt - We will take protection of the Green Belt seriously. The Conservatives only take it seriously at election times!

* Work to improve public transport and cycling in Mill Hill - Twelve years after our local Tory MP Matthew Offord was elected promising step free access for Mill Hill, we will work with Network Rail and TFL to deliver it. Team member Richard Logue is an expert in Rail Infrastructure and we will use his expertise to get things done

* Make sure that the residents are listened to - The first thing the Conservatives did when they were re-elected in 2018 was to change the rules on public scrutiny of council meetings, making it almost impossible for residents to hold the council to account. We will make you voice heard and give you the opportunity to ask proper questions of councillors and officers at local meetings and forums.

We can only do this with your support! 

Here is the key information - WHO IS STANDING IN YOUR WARD

Important deadlines for voters

Polling day: Thursday 5 May 2022, from 7am to 10pm.

Barnet's ward boundaries have changed

New electoral arrangements for Barnet Council will come into effect at these elections on 5 May. The new ward boundaries mean:

  • Barnet will continue to have 63 councillors, but the number of wards is increasing from 21 to 24 
  • there will be 15 wards with 3 councillors and 9 wards with 2 councillors

What the changes mean for you

  • your ward will be represented by 2 or 3 councillors depending on how many electors it has
  • the name of your ward may have changed
  • the polling station where you go to vote may have changed

Check our maps to find your new ward boundary and polling station

Find out more about why the ward boundaries have change, Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) statutory reviewExternal link

Who can vote

All people on the electoral register can vote except British citizens living overseas.

If you are not yet registered, you can register to vote onlineExternal link

Ways to vote

Voting in person on polling day

Polling districts and polling station have changed for the Local Elections on 5 May. 

Get information on your polling station and how to vote at a polling station, including:

Apply to vote by post

You must be registered to vote before you can apply to vote by post. 

How to vote by post

Apply for someone to vote on your behalf (proxy voting)

You must be registered to vote before you can apply to vote by proxy.

How to apply to vote by proxy

Information for Candidates and Election Agents

Find out more about standing for election

You can also visit Electoral Commission websiteExternal link

Local Government Elections timetable

  • Publication of Notice of Election on Monday 28 March
  • Publication of Statement of Persons nominated on Wednesday 6 April
  • Deadline to register to vote on Thursday 14 April (midnight)
  • Receipt of postal vote applications on Tuesday 19 April (5pm)
  • Receipt of proxy vote applications on Tuesday 26 April (5pm)
  • First day to issue replacement postal votes on Thursday 28 April
  • Day of election (poll) on Thursday 5 May (7am to 10pm)
  • Counting of votes on Thursday 5 May (from 10pm)

Thursday 3 February 2022

Mill Hill Focus #58 - Time to Look forward and build a better Mill Hill

Welcome back

Our last newsletter was back in April 2020. We said that it was the time for our community to come together and support the efforts of Barnet Council, our key workers and our amazing community groups to get us through the pandemic. We felt that this was the sensible and responsible thing to do. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. Many of have been disappointed that whilst we made sensible sacrifices, those at the heart of power were not leading by example. Our remit has always been to focus on our community in Mill Hill, but we cannot ignore the fact that the amazing community response we saw locally was not reflected by our national leaders. We note that our local MP, Doctor Matthew Offord took time to criticise the Metropolitan Police yesterday, but has not said a word about the parties in No 10. Whilst we also deplore the appalling culture of racism and misogyny that has been exposed in the Met, we are disappointed that our MP seems to think anything goes in Downing Street and that the rules don't apply to the Prime Minister and his friends. In Mill Hill, people were on their doorsteps clapping NHS workers, whilst the Prime Minister partied away. Surely Dr Offord has something to say on the matter?

What has happened in Mill Hill since our last newsletter?

Closures and openings.

Abbey National and Barclays bank have closed, leaving The Nationwide as the only financial institution left on the Broadway. 

Several well loved restaurants and food outlets have been lost, including Cannons Fish and Chip Shop, Bob's Cafe and Leyla's. Gails bakery has opened on the site of Bob's Cafe and appears very popular.

Mill Hill Park.

A large wooded area has been planted on the Flower Lane part of Mill Hill Park. We raised concerns that the drainage issues in the park may damage the new trees as part of our feedback to the Council when they were consulting about the scheme. We were assurred that this was being addressed. As you can see from this tweet today, there are still serious problems.

We were disappointed that our feedback that Barnet Council should also address the issue of neglect of other wooded areas and parks in Mill Hill has been ignored. Whilst it is good to plant new trees, these have to be managed and maintained. The council has only committed to managing the area for five years. Regular park users well know how a previous planting further up has been left to get overgrown with brambles and briars.

We are sorry to report that there has been a spate of vandalism and window smashing. Our team have been campaigning for years now to get Barnet Council to properly monitor the CCTV footage and work with police to address anti social behaviour. Sadly this is 'not a priority'.


Despite various promises, we still have no step free access at Mill Hill. Our team has pointed out for over a decade that there is no reason that the entrance on Bunns Lane Car Park could not be opened and a bridge installed with lifts. Although this is not perfect, it would at least mean that people with access issues could use the station, as a precursor to a full lift option from the bus station. The platform bridge will be required.Team Member Richard is an expert on Public Transport and has helped draft many of the local requests to get funding for the project. Once Richard has the status of councillor, we expect that we will see real progress. Having an expert in the role will make a huge difference.

Mill Hill East. 

This now has a lift, however the platform is not fully wheelchair accessible. It is a shame that The Mayor of London spent millions on a project and wheelchair users still need assistance to board trains. 

Congratulations and best wishes.

Long standing GLA member Andrew Dismore retired and was replaced at the elections last year by Labour's Anne Clarke. We congratulate Anne on her success and look forward to holding her to account on behalf of the people of Mill Hill. We also wish Andrew a long and healthy retirement. We also congratulate Sadiq Khan on his victory in the Mayoral elections. We sincerely hope that in his second term, he is more sympathetic to the residents of Mill Hill and less sympathetic to the big developers!

And finally, congratulations to team member Richard who has been made a Freeman of the City of London in recognition of his work for the community.

Forthcoming Council Elections. 

There will be forthcoming council elections on Thursday May 6th. Winning in Mill Hill is the No1 priority for the Mill Hill Liberal Democrats. We urgently need new members and help with our campaign. If you are interested please email team Member Roger BY CLICKING HERE - We will be organising a social event locally, later this month, let us know if you'd like to join us.

The Barnet Conservatives are making a promise not to raise council tax their key election strategy. Back in 2018, they took out big adverts in the press to publicise their pledges. This is what they said.

Lets have a look at how they have done on their own key priorities.

1. Council tax. 

Taxpayers in Barnet have seen rises of up to 14% since then.

This was what you paid in 2018/19

This is what you are paying now. 
They promised to keep taxes low, but they have failed. Not only that but they've introduced parking charges at many sites and increased them at many others. In short, they have not kept their promises to keep taxes low.

2. They promised to keep your weekly bin collection.

They broke this promise and now not only don't collect green bins on a weekly basis, but they charge you for the privelige. Another broken promise.

3. They promised to fight the Labour Mayors Police Cuts.

I don't think anyone who has had their catalytic converter stolen, their house broken into or seen anti social behaviour in Mill Hill will think that policing has improved. This has been a huge fail. 

4. They promised to stop overdevelopment.

Anyone who has lived in Mill Hill, seen the developments on the Ridgeway and elsewhere, will know they have failed miserably. In fact the Barnet Conservatives have huge plans for developments all over Barnet. Another fail.

5. They promised to invest in roads and pavements.

Sadly once again, our roads are pocked with potholes. The council ripped up many perfectly good paving slabs and replaced them with cheaper asphalt surfaces. This will require far more costly maintenance in the long run and was a false economy.

One of the most upsetting failures of the regime was to let Hendon Cemetery go to rack and ruin. It got so bad that team member Roger had to arrange a meeting with Council bosses at the cemetery and get commitments to make the numerous pot holes safe and cut back overgrown grass. These are some of the pictures Roger shared with the council in May.

We pointed out to the council that large potholes filled with water were a health and safety risk, especially to elderly residents who may have impared eyesight. 

Following the meeting, much of the worst of the neglect was addressed, but it is clear that Mill Hill needs councillors who are prepared to keep a pro-active eye on our area and not be fobbed off by officials. 

We believe that looking after such precious sites is a key civic duty and not a nice to have. It is our opinion that outsourcing the maintenance of the cemetery to Capita was a big mistake and has caused many Mill Hill residents a lot of pain and grief. 

Our team also played a key role in getting plans for a power station on green belt lands in Mill Hill withdrawn. Team member Roger's personal blog about the proposal helped ensure that 100's of Mill Hill residents objected. Prior to Rogers involvement, there had been almost no objections. 

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Time for Mill Hill to come together

Mill Hill Fire Station
We just thought we'd post a short message to all of our friends in Mill Hill. The Covid19 crisis is a challenge for our community unrivalled since the second world war. Many businesses are struggling, many neighbours are going to be having financial difficulties.

Barnet Council has a huge challenge on their hands. They are having to cope with extraordinary demands, whilst suffering staff shortages. The staff have been magnificent and unlike the rest of us, who are in lockdown, face daily risks.

At this time, it is important we support each other, neighbours, businesses, council workers, and emergency services. There are some things we can do, which will make a difference.

* Support local businesses. If you can order locally, do. This will make the difference. Local firms pay local taxes and employ local people. They have a loyalty to their staff that multi nationals may not.

* Support Council workers. Don't throw litter away, clear up after your dog, don't engage in anti social behaviour. In short, don't make extra work for the Council

* Support the Police. Reporting neighbours to the Police when you think they are going out too much is a waste of police time. Unless you know where people are going and that they are definitely acting in a highly irresponsible manner, then don't waste police time. Do you know that they haven't been asked to urgently attend to locked down friends, relatives and other members of the community? Let the police deal with the important things in Mill Hill.

* Support your neighbours. Speak to them (at a sensible distance) let them know you can help them, or if you need help don't be afraid to ask. Be considerate. Play music at a reasonable level. Not everyone has your amazing taste and may not appreciate it.

Whilst there may be all manner of small issues we have with the council, NHS, emergency services, now is not the time to make extra work by raising complaints etc. If it can wait, let it.

Please stay safe and if you need to get in touch, we will do what we can.

Monday 3 June 2019

Darlands Trust - Public Meeting 20th June Totteridge Village Hall

The Darlands Trust cordially invite you to attend a public meeting to review and discuss their plans. The Trust will manage Mill Hill's most important nature reserve.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Mill Hill Focus #57 - Pentavia Update and other Mill Hill News

Lots of news in this weeks edition.

Pentavia Update

If you have previously commented on the Pentavia Retail Park scheme, which is now being determined by the Mayor Of London, you will have received a letter detailing how Meadow Residential, the developer, have submitted revised drawings which include alterations to the internal detail and amendments to the 'private amenity'.

The documents are available to view on the Mayor of Londons website 

The page with the documents on is here

Please make sure that you lodge you comments on the latest iteration of this plan. These must be submitted by Wednesday 3rd July. 

The email for sending comments is

It is vitally important for the future of Mill Hill that the Mayor of London is made aware of the strength of feeling amongst residents with regards to this scheme.

It is not just the future that is affected by the owners of the site. We were copied into the following Twitter conversation

We need the issue of rubbish and dumping to be taken seriously and we need action rather than just words from @PentaviaHomes  We will be monitoring to see if the words are backed with action.

Mill Hill  Town Square Public Drinking Area

As previously mentioned, Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum has submitted an application for an alcohol and entertainments licence, to transform the 'Town Square' (area next to Boots on Brockenhurst Gardens) into a licensed public drinking area. Mr Gillett is proposing regular events in the space. The team at ABetterMillHill support the usage of the space for events, but we believe that Mr Gilletts proposal is flawed. We suggest a 7pm curfew on all events as part of the licence, to ensure neighbours are not subjected to noise and disturbance into the night. Our experience of events shows that it can take up to an hour and a half to clear the square and remove equipment etc. A 7pm limit would ensure that for all but very special occasions, no disruption would occur after 8.30pm. We also believe that this would encourage revellers to use local restaurants and the Bridge Pub (strangely Mr Gillett was unaware that there was a pub on the Broadway when questioned by the committee).

Mr Gillett has suggested that this would prohibit the use of the space for live football screenings, etc, which can go on until 10.30pm. Our view is that if such events caused noise and disturbance until midnight, this would not be good for Mill Hill.  Our view is that in the event of exceptional circumstances, a Temporary event notice should suffice. These cost a mere £21 and can last a week.

We also have other concerns about the way the proposal suggests that the space is managed. As Mr Gillett suggested that there would be regular events for Children, we have suggested that all organisers of such events in a public space should be DBS checked. We believe this should be a fundamental part of the proposal.  We would also like to see event organisers trained in safeguarding issues. We hope that Mr Gillett will concur and Mill Hill can move forward with a united front, having ironed out these small concerns of local residents. We are not seeking an argument with the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum on this. 

Barnet Council have deferred the decision on the application for five days pending consideration.

A response from A Better Mill Hill team to Mr John Gillett.

At  the Barnet council  licensing committee meeting, during his submission, Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum publicly criticised the team at "A Better Mill Hill" by name for advising residents to contact us if they had an issue with reporting a  pavement issue, pothole or other council infrastructure problem. Mr Gillett stated that this would stop people following the proper procedure and was in some way a troublesome proposal.

Team member Donna Pickup said "It is a shame that John seems to have misunderstood our leaflet. Many older residents and other residents who have issues with IT are not able to use the councils Report It system. We included the advice in our leaflet, so that we could help anyone who didn't understand the process for getting problems fixed. We would have thought John would support this initiative". Donna added "we are happy to report any problem for residents who can't report issues themselves. For those that can, but simply don't understand the process currently, we are happy to help them, so they can sort it out for themselves in future". We hope that John will support our efforts to get all such problems in Mill Hill properly reported. We would be more than happy to hear his suggestions for enabling people who cannot deal with the Councils IT systems. 

Other Mill Hill News

The Mill Hill Music Festival is less than two weeks away. There is an amazing program, including Jazz, Big Bands, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Opera, Classical, and Soul music.

Check the festival website here for full details.

The programme this year is proving to be very popular, so please make sure you get tickets, which are available online or from Mill Hill Wines.

Mill Hill Jazz Club this week

Richard Wilkinson - A clarification by Roger Tichborne

This newsletter, along with several other Mill Hill publications have been promoting the signposting website put together by Richard Wilkinson, a retired local resident. The site has several pages which contain links to various websites etc of interest to local residents, such as transport links, restaurant reviews  and local sports clubs and music venues etc. Have a look, its really rather useful

Whilst Richards site has been met with appreciation and received much traffic, a rather vicious campaign was waged against Richard this week on social media, with hundreds of messages posted on twitter by a single individual, inviting people to publish Richards address and other personal details in an effort to 'expose'' him. Rather disturbing claims were also made that various local organisations had been contacted to try and locate Richard. If these were true, it is clear that someone was trying to get local bodies to breach GDPR rules and disclose personal information.

I met with Richard at Mill Hill Services club on Friday for a beer and he was quite bemused by all of the fuss. Richard, like many people who do not wish to have a  high social media profile, used a pseudonym to set up the site. Anyone viewing the site will realise that this was not for any malicious intent as the site has no editorial content or opinion, but simply because he didn't want anyone bothering him. He is not active on social media and was concerned about 'cold callers and salesmen'. Given the level of harassment he would have received this week, he feels rather vindicated in this decision.

When Richard first discussed his plans with me, I offered to let him use some of the website development tools that I pay a subscription for, which make putting together such a site easy. I have done this with quite a few other bands/artists/organisations etc over the years, with far less controversial results.  I have also given him a hand with a few formatting issues when he got stuck. Much as I would love to take credit for an excellent site, Richard did all of the work and it is very much his baby.

If anyone has any concerns about his site or the content or feels that there is anything misleading on it which you want to discuss with me, please DM me at my @Barneteye twitter handle.  Richard has firmly stated that he has no interest at all in discussing anything with anyone who has posted malicious tweets about him.

I invite the person responsible for the campaign to state clearly and concisely what issue they have with Richards site, why they feel he should be 'exposed' and what content is on the website that could possibly justify such a campaign. Should anyone really be that interested, there are people who were at the club who can confirm this, as we didn't meet in the secret basement, although I sincerely hope that the club and its members will not now become the target for a hate campaign as well.

As with all of the content on this newsletter, we have been promoting the site as we think it is a useful resource for people in Mill Hill. We promote many things in Mill Hill, some that members of are team are involved with and some that they are not (such as the Jazz Club, St Keirnans Gaelic Football club, Mill Hill Village  and the Rugby club) as we think they are good for the area. We hope people find these links interesting and useful.

I will leave the last word to Richard "I hardly think the story would make a very gripping Sherlock Holmes film". 

And finally......

The Lib Dems are now officially the most popular political party in Barnet

Last week we saw the announcement of the Euro election results. This gave voters their first opportunity since the Council elections last year to express their views about the state of the political parties. Barnet had a higher than the national average turnout and the Lib Dems topped the polls. In London the Lib Dems were by far the largest party and returned the most MEP's.

Sunday 19 May 2019

Mill Hill Focus #56 - Mill Hill News Round up 19 May 2019

Mill Hill News Roundup

Licensing Application for Alcohol and Music in Mill Hill Broadway

Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum has submitted an application for an alcohol and entertainments license for the "Town Square" (are of land adjoining Brockenhurst Gardens/Mill Hill Broadway).

There are some rather interesting comments and objections from local residents, which we think Mill Hill Residents should be aware of - click hereto read the full reports pack.

The basic license submission is as follows.

The Town Square, End of Brockenhurst Gardens,  Mill Hill, London, NW7 3LL

1. The Applicants

The application was submitted by John Gillett on behalf of Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.
2. Application

The application before the subcommittee was submitted under Section 17 of the Licensing Act 2003 for an application for a New Premises Licence. The application seeks to allow the following:

Supply of Alcohol - for consumption on the premises only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:30hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

 Performance of a play – Outdoors Only 

Monday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs

 Exhibition of a film -  Outdoors Only
 Monday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs  Friday  14:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs

 Performance of live music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs

 Playing of recorded music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday to Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Friday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Saturday  09:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

Performance of dance -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Thursday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

The Provision of anything of a similar description to live music, recorded music or performance of dance - Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs Friday   11:00hrs - 23:00hrs Saturday  11:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

To allow the premises to remain open to the public

Standard Days & Timings  Monday  09:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday & Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday   09:00hrs - 22:00hrs Friday & Saturday  09:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs 

A full copy of the application form and plan can be seen attached to this report in Annex 1. 

3. Agreements

The applicants have been in communication with the Police during the application processes.  These discussions have led to the applicants agreeing to amend their application to include the following conditions.  Please note that should the application be granted these conditions will automatically be attached to Annex 2 of the Premises Licence.   • Stewards with an appropriate level of experience shall be present at all events. The numbers of stewards required are to be based on a risk assessment carried out the event organiser. Advice from the police will be given where required

• In the event that a children's area is provided it will be monitored by stewards (who are DBS checked) at all times and signage will be displayed requiring parents/ legal guardians not to leave children unattended

• The stage to be supervised by stewards at all times when a performance is taking place

• Music will remain under the control of the event manager.

• A point of contact will be advertised for residents to contact the event manger if they have any issues, such as noise disruption. 

• A member of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum shall be present at all times the town square is being used for the purpose of this premises licence. As such, anybody in this supervisory capacity will have been DBS checked and will be fully briefed on his/her responsibilities to promote the four licensing objectives.

• There will be no external promoters solely running events using this premises licence

• Barnet Police Licensing team will be notified by email of any event to be held in conjunction with this licence where alcohol will be sold at least 5 clear working days prior to it taking place. • Activities involving live or amplified music between 2000 hours and 2300 hours will take place no more than once per calendar month (This has been requested to protect the residents nearby from regular noise disturbance)

• The DPS of this licence must ensure they complete a written authority for those selling alcohol where they do not hold their own personal licence. A copy of this must be kept in the event log book.

• The person in charge of the event must maintain a log book at each event which will contain the following;

 1 - The full premises licence (or certified photocopy)   2 - Details of all the stewards working that event including their contact details   3 - An itinerary of the event with times and names of persons participating where        applicable  4 - Any incidents reported to the event manager

A full copy of the agreement can be seen attached to this report in Annex 2.  

4. Representations

The Licensing Team have received 14 valid representations from members of the public and one from the Mill Hill Ward Panel (containing the details of 10 members). These representations relate to the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime & disorder, the protection of children from harm and prevention of public nuisance. 

Responsible Authorities

The Licensing Team have not received any representations from any of the responsible authorities.

The representations can be seen attached to this report in Annex 3.

5. Attaching conditions

The operating schedule, which is part of the application, includes certain additional steps that the applicant will take to protect the licensing objectives. These will become enforceable conditions, should the licence be granted. Additional conditions may be attached to the licence if the committee thinks it appropriate.

The Committee must have regard to all of the representations made and the evidence it hears, and is asked to note that it may not attach conditions or reject the whole or part of the application merely because it considers it desirable to do so.  It must actually be appropriate in order to promote the licensing objectives.

In relation to conditions, the statutory guidance at chapter 10.8 states that “The licensing authority may not impose any conditions unless its discretion has been engaged following receipt of relevant representations and it is satisfied as a result of a hearing (unless all parties agree a hearing is not necessary) that it is appropriate to impose conditions to promote one or more of the four licensing objectives. 

Full Copies of the Councils Statement of Licensing Policy, the Statutory Guidance to the Act and the Council’s Guide to Good Practice at Licensed Premises will be available at the Licensing Sub Committee hearing or in advance if required.  

Markets at the 'Mill Hill Town Square'

The Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum Facebook account has reported that the weekly markets at the Town Square have been paused.

Vibe Market would like to announce that the weekly In the Square Market is being paused for the time being. After a six week trial we have learned a great deal about which days work best for a weekly market in Mill Hill town centre and have received valuable feedback from residents about the types of stalls they would like to see in a regular market. The market aims to return if possible after a rethink and further discussions with interested stall holders who are unable to commit until later in the year. We would like to thank the local community for their support.

Darlands Lake

We are sorry to report that Darlands Lake is once again looking rather forlorn. This is a nature reserve and a site of special scientific interest. It is time that Barnet Council started to fulfil its responsibilities.

News Item from Mill Hill Churches Newsletter

There are several events coming up which have been organised by the Mill Hill Churches.

Historic Mill Hill

The Mill Hill Historical Society have posted some very interesting information. Check this out

Local Music News

European Elections

This Thursday we have elections for the European Parliament elections. This may well be your last opportunity to send the Government a message. We strongly urge all voters in Mill Hill to vote and to cast your vote for parties with a clearly defined position. If you support the remain position, this is clearly the Liberal Democrats.