Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Time for Mill Hill to come together

Mill Hill Fire Station
We just thought we'd post a short message to all of our friends in Mill Hill. The Covid19 crisis is a challenge for our community unrivalled since the second world war. Many businesses are struggling, many neighbours are going to be having financial difficulties.

Barnet Council has a huge challenge on their hands. They are having to cope with extraordinary demands, whilst suffering staff shortages. The staff have been magnificent and unlike the rest of us, who are in lockdown, face daily risks.

At this time, it is important we support each other, neighbours, businesses, council workers, and emergency services. There are some things we can do, which will make a difference.

* Support local businesses. If you can order locally, do. This will make the difference. Local firms pay local taxes and employ local people. They have a loyalty to their staff that multi nationals may not.

* Support Council workers. Don't throw litter away, clear up after your dog, don't engage in anti social behaviour. In short, don't make extra work for the Council

* Support the Police. Reporting neighbours to the Police when you think they are going out too much is a waste of police time. Unless you know where people are going and that they are definitely acting in a highly irresponsible manner, then don't waste police time. Do you know that they haven't been asked to urgently attend to locked down friends, relatives and other members of the community? Let the police deal with the important things in Mill Hill.

* Support your neighbours. Speak to them (at a sensible distance) let them know you can help them, or if you need help don't be afraid to ask. Be considerate. Play music at a reasonable level. Not everyone has your amazing taste and may not appreciate it.

Whilst there may be all manner of small issues we have with the council, NHS, emergency services, now is not the time to make extra work by raising complaints etc. If it can wait, let it.

Please stay safe and if you need to get in touch, we will do what we can.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Darlands Trust - Public Meeting 20th June Totteridge Village Hall

The Darlands Trust cordially invite you to attend a public meeting to review and discuss their plans. The Trust will manage Mill Hill's most important nature reserve.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Mill Hill Focus #57 - Pentavia Update and other Mill Hill News

Lots of news in this weeks edition.

Pentavia Update

If you have previously commented on the Pentavia Retail Park scheme, which is now being determined by the Mayor Of London, you will have received a letter detailing how Meadow Residential, the developer, have submitted revised drawings which include alterations to the internal detail and amendments to the 'private amenity'.

The documents are available to view on the Mayor of Londons website 

The page with the documents on is here

Please make sure that you lodge you comments on the latest iteration of this plan. These must be submitted by Wednesday 3rd July. 

The email for sending comments is PentaviaRetailPark@London.gov.uk

It is vitally important for the future of Mill Hill that the Mayor of London is made aware of the strength of feeling amongst residents with regards to this scheme.

It is not just the future that is affected by the owners of the site. We were copied into the following Twitter conversation

We need the issue of rubbish and dumping to be taken seriously and we need action rather than just words from @PentaviaHomes  We will be monitoring to see if the words are backed with action.

Mill Hill  Town Square Public Drinking Area

As previously mentioned, Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum has submitted an application for an alcohol and entertainments licence, to transform the 'Town Square' (area next to Boots on Brockenhurst Gardens) into a licensed public drinking area. Mr Gillett is proposing regular events in the space. The team at ABetterMillHill support the usage of the space for events, but we believe that Mr Gilletts proposal is flawed. We suggest a 7pm curfew on all events as part of the licence, to ensure neighbours are not subjected to noise and disturbance into the night. Our experience of events shows that it can take up to an hour and a half to clear the square and remove equipment etc. A 7pm limit would ensure that for all but very special occasions, no disruption would occur after 8.30pm. We also believe that this would encourage revellers to use local restaurants and the Bridge Pub (strangely Mr Gillett was unaware that there was a pub on the Broadway when questioned by the committee).

Mr Gillett has suggested that this would prohibit the use of the space for live football screenings, etc, which can go on until 10.30pm. Our view is that if such events caused noise and disturbance until midnight, this would not be good for Mill Hill.  Our view is that in the event of exceptional circumstances, a Temporary event notice should suffice. These cost a mere £21 and can last a week.

We also have other concerns about the way the proposal suggests that the space is managed. As Mr Gillett suggested that there would be regular events for Children, we have suggested that all organisers of such events in a public space should be DBS checked. We believe this should be a fundamental part of the proposal.  We would also like to see event organisers trained in safeguarding issues. We hope that Mr Gillett will concur and Mill Hill can move forward with a united front, having ironed out these small concerns of local residents. We are not seeking an argument with the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum on this. 

Barnet Council have deferred the decision on the application for five days pending consideration.

A response from A Better Mill Hill team to Mr John Gillett.

At  the Barnet council  licensing committee meeting, during his submission, Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum publicly criticised the team at "A Better Mill Hill" by name for advising residents to contact us if they had an issue with reporting a  pavement issue, pothole or other council infrastructure problem. Mr Gillett stated that this would stop people following the proper procedure and was in some way a troublesome proposal.

Team member Donna Pickup said "It is a shame that John seems to have misunderstood our leaflet. Many older residents and other residents who have issues with IT are not able to use the councils Report It system. We included the advice in our leaflet, so that we could help anyone who didn't understand the process for getting problems fixed. We would have thought John would support this initiative". Donna added "we are happy to report any problem for residents who can't report issues themselves. For those that can, but simply don't understand the process currently, we are happy to help them, so they can sort it out for themselves in future". We hope that John will support our efforts to get all such problems in Mill Hill properly reported. We would be more than happy to hear his suggestions for enabling people who cannot deal with the Councils IT systems. 

Other Mill Hill News

The Mill Hill Music Festival is less than two weeks away. There is an amazing program, including Jazz, Big Bands, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Opera, Classical, and Soul music.

Check the festival website here for full details.


The programme this year is proving to be very popular, so please make sure you get tickets, which are available online or from Mill Hill Wines.

Mill Hill Jazz Club this week

Richard Wilkinson - A clarification by Roger Tichborne

This newsletter, along with several other Mill Hill publications have been promoting the signposting website put together by Richard Wilkinson, a retired local resident. The site has several pages which contain links to various websites etc of interest to local residents, such as transport links, restaurant reviews  and local sports clubs and music venues etc. Have a look, its really rather useful


Whilst Richards site has been met with appreciation and received much traffic, a rather vicious campaign was waged against Richard this week on social media, with hundreds of messages posted on twitter by a single individual, inviting people to publish Richards address and other personal details in an effort to 'expose'' him. Rather disturbing claims were also made that various local organisations had been contacted to try and locate Richard. If these were true, it is clear that someone was trying to get local bodies to breach GDPR rules and disclose personal information.

I met with Richard at Mill Hill Services club on Friday for a beer and he was quite bemused by all of the fuss. Richard, like many people who do not wish to have a  high social media profile, used a pseudonym to set up the site. Anyone viewing the site will realise that this was not for any malicious intent as the site has no editorial content or opinion, but simply because he didn't want anyone bothering him. He is not active on social media and was concerned about 'cold callers and salesmen'. Given the level of harassment he would have received this week, he feels rather vindicated in this decision.

When Richard first discussed his plans with me, I offered to let him use some of the website development tools that I pay a subscription for, which make putting together such a site easy. I have done this with quite a few other bands/artists/organisations etc over the years, with far less controversial results.  I have also given him a hand with a few formatting issues when he got stuck. Much as I would love to take credit for an excellent site, Richard did all of the work and it is very much his baby.

If anyone has any concerns about his site or the content or feels that there is anything misleading on it which you want to discuss with me, please DM me at my @Barneteye twitter handle.  Richard has firmly stated that he has no interest at all in discussing anything with anyone who has posted malicious tweets about him.

I invite the person responsible for the campaign to state clearly and concisely what issue they have with Richards site, why they feel he should be 'exposed' and what content is on the website that could possibly justify such a campaign. Should anyone really be that interested, there are people who were at the club who can confirm this, as we didn't meet in the secret basement, although I sincerely hope that the club and its members will not now become the target for a hate campaign as well.

As with all of the content on this newsletter, we have been promoting the site as we think it is a useful resource for people in Mill Hill. We promote many things in Mill Hill, some that members of are team are involved with and some that they are not (such as the Jazz Club, St Keirnans Gaelic Football club, Mill Hill Village  and the Rugby club) as we think they are good for the area. We hope people find these links interesting and useful.

I will leave the last word to Richard "I hardly think the story would make a very gripping Sherlock Holmes film". 

And finally......

The Lib Dems are now officially the most popular political party in Barnet

Last week we saw the announcement of the Euro election results. This gave voters their first opportunity since the Council elections last year to express their views about the state of the political parties. Barnet had a higher than the national average turnout and the Lib Dems topped the polls. In London the Lib Dems were by far the largest party and returned the most MEP's.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Mill Hill Focus #56 - Mill Hill News Round up 19 May 2019

Mill Hill News Roundup

Licensing Application for Alcohol and Music in Mill Hill Broadway

Mr John Gillett of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum has submitted an application for an alcohol and entertainments license for the "Town Square" (are of land adjoining Brockenhurst Gardens/Mill Hill Broadway).

There are some rather interesting comments and objections from local residents, which we think Mill Hill Residents should be aware of - click hereto read the full reports pack.

The basic license submission is as follows.

The Town Square, End of Brockenhurst Gardens,  Mill Hill, London, NW7 3LL

1. The Applicants

The application was submitted by John Gillett on behalf of Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum.
2. Application

The application before the subcommittee was submitted under Section 17 of the Licensing Act 2003 for an application for a New Premises Licence. The application seeks to allow the following:

Supply of Alcohol - for consumption on the premises only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:30hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

 Performance of a play – Outdoors Only 

Monday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs  Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  10:00hrs - 17:00hrs

 Exhibition of a film -  Outdoors Only
 Monday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs  Friday  14:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Sunday  14:00hrs - 21:00hrs

 Performance of live music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Friday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Saturday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs

 Playing of recorded music -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday to Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Friday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Saturday  09:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

Performance of dance -  Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs  Thursday  11:00hrs - 18:00hrs Friday to Saturday  10:00hrs - 23:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

The Provision of anything of a similar description to live music, recorded music or performance of dance - Outdoors Only
 Standard Days & Timings  Monday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs  Thursday  10:00hrs - 20:00hrs Friday   11:00hrs - 23:00hrs Saturday  11:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  12:00hrs - 22:00hrs 

To allow the premises to remain open to the public

Standard Days & Timings  Monday  09:00hrs - 22:00hrs  Tuesday & Wednesday  10:00hrs - 18:00hrs Thursday   09:00hrs - 22:00hrs Friday & Saturday  09:00hrs - 24:00hrs  Sunday  11:00hrs - 23:00hrs 

A full copy of the application form and plan can be seen attached to this report in Annex 1. 

3. Agreements

The applicants have been in communication with the Police during the application processes.  These discussions have led to the applicants agreeing to amend their application to include the following conditions.  Please note that should the application be granted these conditions will automatically be attached to Annex 2 of the Premises Licence.   • Stewards with an appropriate level of experience shall be present at all events. The numbers of stewards required are to be based on a risk assessment carried out the event organiser. Advice from the police will be given where required

• In the event that a children's area is provided it will be monitored by stewards (who are DBS checked) at all times and signage will be displayed requiring parents/ legal guardians not to leave children unattended

• The stage to be supervised by stewards at all times when a performance is taking place

• Music will remain under the control of the event manager.

• A point of contact will be advertised for residents to contact the event manger if they have any issues, such as noise disruption. 

• A member of the Mill Hill Neighbourhood Forum shall be present at all times the town square is being used for the purpose of this premises licence. As such, anybody in this supervisory capacity will have been DBS checked and will be fully briefed on his/her responsibilities to promote the four licensing objectives.

• There will be no external promoters solely running events using this premises licence

• Barnet Police Licensing team will be notified by email of any event to be held in conjunction with this licence where alcohol will be sold at least 5 clear working days prior to it taking place. • Activities involving live or amplified music between 2000 hours and 2300 hours will take place no more than once per calendar month (This has been requested to protect the residents nearby from regular noise disturbance)

• The DPS of this licence must ensure they complete a written authority for those selling alcohol where they do not hold their own personal licence. A copy of this must be kept in the event log book.

• The person in charge of the event must maintain a log book at each event which will contain the following;

 1 - The full premises licence (or certified photocopy)   2 - Details of all the stewards working that event including their contact details   3 - An itinerary of the event with times and names of persons participating where        applicable  4 - Any incidents reported to the event manager

A full copy of the agreement can be seen attached to this report in Annex 2.  

4. Representations

The Licensing Team have received 14 valid representations from members of the public and one from the Mill Hill Ward Panel (containing the details of 10 members). These representations relate to the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime & disorder, the protection of children from harm and prevention of public nuisance. 

Responsible Authorities

The Licensing Team have not received any representations from any of the responsible authorities.

The representations can be seen attached to this report in Annex 3.

5. Attaching conditions

The operating schedule, which is part of the application, includes certain additional steps that the applicant will take to protect the licensing objectives. These will become enforceable conditions, should the licence be granted. Additional conditions may be attached to the licence if the committee thinks it appropriate.

The Committee must have regard to all of the representations made and the evidence it hears, and is asked to note that it may not attach conditions or reject the whole or part of the application merely because it considers it desirable to do so.  It must actually be appropriate in order to promote the licensing objectives.

In relation to conditions, the statutory guidance at chapter 10.8 states that “The licensing authority may not impose any conditions unless its discretion has been engaged following receipt of relevant representations and it is satisfied as a result of a hearing (unless all parties agree a hearing is not necessary) that it is appropriate to impose conditions to promote one or more of the four licensing objectives. 

Full Copies of the Councils Statement of Licensing Policy, the Statutory Guidance to the Act and the Council’s Guide to Good Practice at Licensed Premises will be available at the Licensing Sub Committee hearing or in advance if required.  

Markets at the 'Mill Hill Town Square'

The Mill Hill Neighbourhood forum Facebook account has reported that the weekly markets at the Town Square have been paused.

Vibe Market would like to announce that the weekly In the Square Market is being paused for the time being. After a six week trial we have learned a great deal about which days work best for a weekly market in Mill Hill town centre and have received valuable feedback from residents about the types of stalls they would like to see in a regular market. The market aims to return if possible after a rethink and further discussions with interested stall holders who are unable to commit until later in the year. We would like to thank the local community for their support.

Darlands Lake

We are sorry to report that Darlands Lake is once again looking rather forlorn. This is a nature reserve and a site of special scientific interest. It is time that Barnet Council started to fulfil its responsibilities.

News Item from Mill Hill Churches Newsletter

There are several events coming up which have been organised by the Mill Hill Churches.

Historic Mill Hill

The Mill Hill Historical Society have posted some very interesting information. Check this out

Local Music News

European Elections

This Thursday we have elections for the European Parliament elections. This may well be your last opportunity to send the Government a message. We strongly urge all voters in Mill Hill to vote and to cast your vote for parties with a clearly defined position. If you support the remain position, this is clearly the Liberal Democrats.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Mill Hill Focus #55 - Weekly news round up & Local Sports summary

We hope all of our readers survived the storm last night and there was not too much damage to your gardens!

Local Sports

Our friends at the new Mill Hill Directory website have put together an excellent directory of local arts, history and sport. We recommend that you check it out. Here are their selection of local sports clubs and facilities from their list.

1. Mill Hill Rugby Club - Our local Rugby club 
2. Mill Hill Village Cricket Club - Our Local Cricket club
3. Mill Hill Village Football Club - Our local Football Club
4. Mill Hill Bowling Club - Our local Bowls Club
5. St Kiernans GFC - Our local Gaelic Football Club
6. Barnet Copthall Swimming Club -Our local Elite Swimming Club
7. Powerleague Mill Hill - Local Five a Side football pitches
8. Barnet Shaftesbury Harriers - Elite Athletic club
9. New Stars Lacrosse - Lacrosse club
10. Boxr Gym - Boxing and Fitness training
Sadly there is one local sports club that is under threat. This is not because it isn't well loved or well used, it is because the council has decided to rebuild the site without a diving pool, which threatens to end up to 50 different activities on the Copthall site. Please click through and sign this petition. I know all about the great work they do. My daughter was a member of the diving club and I saw the great work that the coaches and staff do. We need such facilities, it keeps our young people happy and healthy.

The last Xmas Tree in MillHill?

Bins not emptied in Mill Hill Park

Local Jazz

Local ward consultation

Make a note in your diary for the annual Milldon Art Show

More details at http://milldonartsociety.org.uk/


Sunday, 21 April 2019

Mill Hill Focus #54 - Wishing all our readers a fun Holiday weekend

Firstly we'd like to wish all our readers the best of the season. We are happy to share these tweets from the team at Inside Mill Hill

You will be receiving a paper newsletter from us through the door during the week. Please have a look and let us know what you think

This magazine has been a stalwart supporter of the Mill Hill Litter Pickers. We support the message posted today.

Sadly many local people who enjoy Scratch Woods will no doubt be fed up to see that despite numerous requests and the intervention of the Hale Councillors, the endemic littering and flytipping problems have not been addressed

Many Mill Hill Residents will enjoy this tweet from Ian Dunn

Here's a selection of the tweets we've posted and been included in this week


Sunday, 14 April 2019

Mill Hill Focus #53 - Feedback required on the new Mill Hill Directory

Two weeks ago we published a short interview with Richard Wilkinson, the man behind  the new Mill Hill online directory. We spoke to Richard again today. Have a look at his site and then read on! He wants some feedback from people in Mill Hill.


Richard told the team "The response has been quiet phenominal. I really didn't expect too much interest, but the emails I've sent have been really positive. I had expected a couple of hits a day, but thanks to kind people mentioning the site on social media, we've been seeing hundreds every day. Not surprisingly the home page is the most popular. I was surprised that the next most popular is the local history, then the business/services directory. I thought the eating out directory would be most popular, but I guess most Mill Hillians already know the restaurants in the town centre. I'm not really a social media person, so I was pleasantly surprised. I have had a couple of enquiries from people wanting to advertise but this is not really what I'm trying to do. I just want a handy web page which has all the info on it, without lots of personal opinions or views. Apart from the cost of the website registration, I just do it in my spare time when I'm bored, so I feel it would be a bit cheeky to take peoples money. I only look at the mails etc once or twice a week, when I am sitting down to do something on the site. I'd like more on the local history and a photo gallery, but that is to come in the future. Please drop me an email if you have any feedback or want something listed. Sorry if it takes a while to get back to you or add in your changes".

So if you have a suggestion for Richard, please let him know (but don't expect a speedy response).

Other news.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Is your business prepared for Brexit?

By Bhavini Kalaria,

The 29th March 2019 has come and gone, and whilst Parliament has rejected the majority of options before it, and the main parties try and come to a resolution which can garner enough support to get through Parliament we await (presently) further confirmation on whether the UK will have another longer extension to Article 50, the mechanism by which the UK was to depart the European Union.

The end game for Brexit remains unclear.  The possible scenarios lie anywhere between a “no-deal” Brexit through to some kind of Norway-style deal where the UK will be a part of the European Economic Area.  In all cases, businesses trading with the EU, or employing staff from any of the EU 27 countries, in receipt of EU funding will want to take some immediate practical steps to be ready for Brexit (deal or no deal). 

If the UK was to have a transition period as envisaged under the Withdrawal Agreement, then largely the compliance culture will remain the same.  During the transition, the UK would be out of the EU, but not represented on EU bodies and would have the same obligations as another EU member.  It means remaining within the single market (that is allowing freedom of movement of goods, people, capital and services), customs union (applying the same tariffs).  No deal means leaving without an implementation period, and no agreement across a myriad of different areas and sectors – including trade, immigration, borders, and the European Court of Justice.

Practical Steps that Businesses should take to prepare for Brexit

Step 1: Comply with HMRC Guidance

These require businesses to:
(i)                  Register for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number.  Businesses will need this to be able to import or export goods with the EU in a no-deal scenario.  If your business trades in goods you must apply for the EORI now.  This requirement applies to VAT and non-VAT registered businesses.
(ii)                hire an agent to make import and/or export declarations.
(iii)              contact any organisation that moves goods to ensure that all safety and security declarations can be made
Step 2: Check your contracts where you are trading or doing business with businesses or individuals based in the EU.
Where the UK doesn’t negotiate an alignment of regulatory and health & safety standards, then your goods or services will not have the same recognition and status as they do currently. Additional regulatory steps can add costs and may make what is now a legal transfer of goods or services, into an illegal one.  In this situation, any commercial agreement may become economically unviable or illegal.
As a business you should look at your contracts to see whether there are any provisions which will help you to terminate the contract and re-negotiate should your business need to. You should consider whether there are any express provisions dealing with Brexit and what scenarios this covers, and if not whether your force majeure, frustration or material change clauses can be relied on.  You may want to consider whether the ability to bring the contract to an end exists too.
The likelihood that a contract can be brought to an end because it is uneconomic is limited and generally will not be a good enough reason to trigger a material advance change clause.
You should consider taking legal advice on your contract if you believe that there is a risk that your current contractual arrangements will be affected.

Step 3: Check your responsibilities as an employer of EU staff members
One of the key issues for the Brexit Referendum was immigration – and it is highly likely that the freedom of workers to move and stay here without applying for a visa will end. The UK has reached agreements with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.  Outside of this we will need to await final details.
The Home Office has issued guidance to EU Citizens to apply for a visa under the EU Settlement Scheme. You will need to check whether your staff members have the right to stay and work in the UK after the Brexit deadline expires. 
If you are an employer you will need to consider whether you need to apply for a sponsorship licence to enable you to employ members of staff from the EU, and There is no guarantee that your business will be eligible to apply for a sponsorship licence and so taking early guidance and Brexit proofing your business now will be key.
Step 4: Check whether your regulator can provide licences and certificates which will be recognised by the EU
It is not clear at this stage whether UK regulatory agencies will be able to provide licenses and certificates that will be recognised by the EU for goods and services that are exported to the EU.  It all depends on whether reciprocal recognitions stays or goes.
In any event if your business holds licences to trade or work in the EU – you should look at the licencing requirements now and contact your relevant regulator so you can get the most up to date guidance you are able to.
Step 5: Check the impact on your group structure if you have an office in any of the EU27 country
Many companies benefitted from the recognition afforded to them under the existing regime to be able to set up and operate in any of the EU27 countries.  Freedom of establishment is something which will be affected without any express agreement and if your business operates an office outside of the UK you will need to consider your existing structure to see whether you will need to either get additional licences, re-incorporate or re-establish back in the UK.  This is especially relevant if you have members of staff and need to look at sponsoring them.
There are a myriad other issues which arise out of multiple locations, and you must seek advice on the where your business is rightly considered to be located and if there are follow on tax implications. There will also be an impact on current litigation, and the ease with which debt can be recovered.
The key issue is that without some sort of reciprocal treatment the future effectiveness of your group structure must be looked at and you should take immediate advice on the impact of Brexit before the Brexit deadline.
Step 6: Consider data protection
Even if we leave the EU, where a business is dealing with European Citizens, the data belonging to those citizens will have to be dealt with in compliance with the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulations.  By and large, the Data Protection Act 1998 works well, and compliance with this should mean that even as a third party country, the UK will meet the necessary standards required.  Nevertheless, if businesses have not considered how they are protecting data – it would be wise to do so now.
There are numerous other areas that businesses will need to consider and specific industries such as food, fishing, pharmaceutical, transport and finance will have specific rules which will apply.  All businesses are encourages to start preparing for any Brexit scenario by reviewing their current operations, contracts, people and licences.
Bhavini Kalaria is  a lawyer working at the London Law Practice. She prepared this briefing for the Federation of Small business and has kindly agreed to publish it as a guest blog, as many small businesses are unaware of the effects of Brexit on the their business. She is also a resident of the London Borough of Barnet. 

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Mill Hill Focus #52 - Some interesting news from Mill Hill

Richards picture of Arrendene
Welcome to this weeks news round up. This week we have a short interview with Mill Hill Resident, Richard Wilkinson, who has just launched an excellent new website for Mill Hill residents. Unlike this website and several other local blogs, it does not carry opinions or views. It is, as Richard describes it a "Signpost website".

Richard is a long term Mill Hill resident, who retired last year. He is an avid walker and photographer of the local flora and fauna. He has put together a site, after being inspired by finding a useful local information site on a visit to Australia a couple of years ago. Like the local litter pickers, Richard is another example of the local people who want to do their bit for our neighourhood.

Click here to check it out->>>  https://millhillbroadway.org/

Us - Hi Richard, can you tell us why you put the website together

Richard - I retired late last year and I have some time on my hands. I don't do twitter or facebook but I am an avid browser of the internet, mosty local history, photography and walks. Many towns have websites that pull together all of the local history, transport etc and I thought Mill Hill could use one. A couple of years ago we stayed in St Kilda's in Melbourne and they had a great website that made it easy to find out where to go and what to do. I thought it would be nice to have something like that for Mill Hill.  I also quite fancied learning how to design websites. It gives me a chance to put some of the pictures I take of Mill Hill to good use (Ed Note: Richard has been sending us his pictures for a year to use on our website, so you may have seen one or two before). I will eventually have a gallery for them.

Us - What have you put on the site?

Richard - There are three main sections at the moment. There is a How to Get to Mill Hill section. This has details of the local train and bus services. I thought this would be useful for people visiting Mill Hill or staying with family, who want to get out and about. There is a restaurant guide. I considered doing reviews, but decided that a link to Trip advisor would be better and more objective, so you can see the list and if one grabs you, then you can get the Trip Advisor review with a click. No point re-inenting the wheel. Again for people new to town, I think this will be useful. Then there is the local history and services. Originally, this was just going to be the services and churches etc, but I found some great sites of local pictures, and thought I'd add that as well. I am going to add a local businesses page as well soon. This will just be local tradesmen etc.

Us - How did you get into website design?

Richard -  I thought that a signposting site would be useful for Mill Hill,  I had time on my hands,  and thought a course in web design would be interesting. The site was a good project to put what I learned to a practical use. I wanted to simply put together something that I would use if I was a visitor to the area, or had just moved in. The U3A have all sorts  resources that helped me get up to speed.

(Ed note: IT courses can be found on the London directory https://www.u3alondon.org.uk/?page_id=3027 )

Us - Have you got involved with the Mill Hill Preservation Society or the Neighbourhood forum, as you seem a pretty community minded guy?

Richard - No, the Preservation Society is mainly concerned with conservation of the Green belt, which is important, but doesn't really interest me particularly.  There is some interesting info on their website, especially the historical info and walks. As for the Neighbourhood forum. I went to a public meeting a year or two ago, it wasn't my cup of tea. I am not really a "committee person". I'm not criticising anyone, I just wanted to do something practical and deliverable without having to sit around in meetings and committees for years.

Us - How do people get in touch about the site?

Richard -  If people see something that is clearly wrong or could be better there is a contact form. I don't really want to get into discussions or form a committee to improve it. It's just a bit of fun. If someone finds a new picture website or something like that, they can let me know.

Us - Anything else to say to Mill Hill?

Richard - Yes, if like me you are recently retired and widowed, checkout U3A. It's good to have something to do. I've been working on the site for about six months in my spare time, working out how to put it together. I think it will take another year to get it how I want it. I do a couple of hours a week work on it.

We wish Richard well with his efforts.

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Pentavia Update

We received the following response from the Mayor of London regarding our objections to the Pentavia Scheme.
Dear Consultee
Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended); Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (“EIA Regulations”); Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) England Order 2015 (DMPD); Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008.
Consultation on revised documents for planning application at Pentavia Retail Park, Watford Way, Mill Hill, in the London Borough of Barnet
You have previously been consulted on planning application reference 17/8102/FUL (‘the Application’) submitted to the London Borough of Barnet Council on 21 December 2017 by Meadow Residential (‘the Applicant’) for the following development:
‘Redevelopment of the site including the demolition of all existing buildings and construction of 724 new Build to Rent Class C3 residential units, 949 sqm ancillary residential facilities; 987 sqm of non-residential floorspace (Use Class A1, A3-A4 and D1) within buildings ranging from 5 to 15 storeys, a new pedestrian access off Bunns Lane; open space, landscaping; car parking; acoustic mitigation and highway/pedestrian improvements.’

At: Pentavia Retail Park, Watford Way, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2ET
The Application is accompanied by an environmental statement in accordance with the EIA Regulations.
On 5 November 2018, the Mayor of London (of City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA) issued a direction to the London Borough of Barnet that he will act as the Local Planning Authority for the purposes of determining the Application (under article 7 of the Town and Country Planning (Mayor of London) Order 2008 and the powers conferred by Section 2A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)).  The Mayor’s reasons for issuing this direction are available to read on the Greater London Authority (“GLA”) website at:
Subsequent to the Mayor’s direction, on 22 March 2019 the applicant submitted revisions to the Application including:

  • the provision of 41% affordable housing (increased from 35%);
  • changes to the tenure of affordable units to provide: 131 Discount Market Rent units; 57 Discount Market rent units at London Living Rent levels; 94 London Affordable Rent units; and 63 London Shared Ownership units;
  • a reduction in the amount of ancillary residential facilities from 949 sq.m. to 885 sq.m. (-64 sq.m.);
  • an increase in the amount of non-residential floorspace (Use Class A1, A3-A4 and D1) from 987 sq.m. to 1,028 sq.m. (+41 sq.m.);
  • changes in the height of Blocks B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R and amendments to the elevational treatment;
  • a reduction in car parking from 545 spaces to 397 spaces (-148 spaces);
  • revised pedestrian and cycle access and the relocation of bus stops on Bunns Lane and the A1 (northbound); and
  • an increase in cycle parking spaces from 1,182 spaces to 1,603 spaces (+421 spaces).
The applicant’s submission includes further environmental information under Regulation 25 of the EIA Regulations in relation to the Environmental Statement which has already been provided.
The revisions and other information can be inspected by members of the public at all reasonable hours (between 9am and 5pm) at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA until 5pm on 6 May 2019.
·         Barnet Council website at:  https://publicaccess.barnet.gov.uk/online-applications/ (using ref: 17/8102/FUL).

How to comment: If you intend to make representations of objection or support in respect of the revisions to the Application and/or the other information relating to the Environmental Statement these should be sent in writing or by email to the following address by 6 May 2019:
  • Email address:  PentaviaRetailPark@london.gov.uk
  • Postal address:  Pentavia Retail Park Public Hearing, The Planning Team, Greater London Authority, The Queen’s Walk, London, SE1 2AA
  • Any representations must be received by the Greater London Authority by 6 May 2019.

Consultation period: The consultation period runs until 6 May 2019. The application will not be decided before this consultation period ends. Comments received after the date referred to above, but before a decision is made, may still be taken into account but failure to meet this deadline could result in your comments not being considered. Any representations you have previously made on this application to London Borough of Barnet will still be taken into account.
How will the application be decided?  The Mayor of London will consider the planning applications at a public representation hearing to be held at City Hall. A date for this will be advertised in due course and all respondents will be notified. Further details on this process are available on the GLA website as above.
Yours sincerely,

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Juliemma McLoughlin

Chief Planner

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