Sunday 8 May 2022

Many thanks to all of the people in Mill Hill who voted Lib Dem and supported our campaign


The Mill Hill Lib Dem team would like to thank all of the people in Mill Hill who supported our campaign and were so kind to us when we spoke to you and knocked on your doors. We are sorry we couldn't persuade enough people to support us to make a change in Mill Hill, but please rest assurred that we are here for the long term and will continue to work for our community. 

A special thanks to all our friends who delivered leaflets, contributed to printing costs, helped on polling day and helped us canvass.

Although we didn't win the ward, we did manage to force the local Conservatives to do a U-Turn on the plan for a permanent fun fair in Mill Hill park. We just hope they keep their promises now!

Our team will continue to work for the people of Mill Hill and we genuinely believe that in 2026, after four years of a Labour council, Mill Hill will want to be represented by people who stand up for Mill Hill and who concentrate on our neighbourhood. The campaign starts today to win in Mill Hill in 2026. Please join the Lib Dems and help us build a team to win next time. 

Richard Logue, Donna Pickup and Roger Tichborne

Your Mill Hill Lib Dem focus team and candidates in 2022

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