Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Mill Hill Focus #59 - Three weeks to go until we can change Mill Hill for the better - Election Information

In three weeks time we will know the make up of Barnet Council for the next four years. It has been a Conservative controlled council since 2002. Prior to that it was run by a coalition, where the Lib Dems were able to achieve many good things for our community. We have a month to win back Mill Hill. Labour has never won a seat in the ward and the Lib Dems had councillors throughout the 1990's until 2010. In the last Euro elections, the Lib Dems won convincingly in Mill Hill ward, the only elections where there was a fair system of proportional representation. If you want to see a better Mill Hill, the Lib Dems are the only party that will deliver it. 

Your canditates are

Richard Logue

Donna Pickup

Roger Tichborne

We are proud to have the opportunity to represent you. We need your help. Please can you email us at if you can help. Any practical help you can offer will be gratefully accepted, this includes canvassing, delivering leaflets, acting as a teller on polling day and giving Lib Dem voters a lift to the polling station on election day.

If you need help organising postal or proxy votes, please also email the above address.

We've been asked what our priorities are. These are the things we will be fighting for, if we are elected as councillors

* Value for money for Council Tax Payers - We will use our experience of running our business to make sure your money is not wasted.

* Fix potholes and roads properly - We live locally so we will make sure that contractors do road repairs properly. We will not simply fob off residents with excuses

* Protect the Green Belt - We will take protection of the Green Belt seriously. The Conservatives only take it seriously at election times!

* Work to improve public transport and cycling in Mill Hill - Twelve years after our local Tory MP Matthew Offord was elected promising step free access for Mill Hill, we will work with Network Rail and TFL to deliver it. Team member Richard Logue is an expert in Rail Infrastructure and we will use his expertise to get things done

* Make sure that the residents are listened to - The first thing the Conservatives did when they were re-elected in 2018 was to change the rules on public scrutiny of council meetings, making it almost impossible for residents to hold the council to account. We will make you voice heard and give you the opportunity to ask proper questions of councillors and officers at local meetings and forums.

We can only do this with your support! 

Here is the key information - WHO IS STANDING IN YOUR WARD

Important deadlines for voters

Polling day: Thursday 5 May 2022, from 7am to 10pm.

Barnet's ward boundaries have changed

New electoral arrangements for Barnet Council will come into effect at these elections on 5 May. The new ward boundaries mean:

  • Barnet will continue to have 63 councillors, but the number of wards is increasing from 21 to 24 
  • there will be 15 wards with 3 councillors and 9 wards with 2 councillors

What the changes mean for you

  • your ward will be represented by 2 or 3 councillors depending on how many electors it has
  • the name of your ward may have changed
  • the polling station where you go to vote may have changed

Check our maps to find your new ward boundary and polling station

Find out more about why the ward boundaries have change, Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) statutory reviewExternal link

Who can vote

All people on the electoral register can vote except British citizens living overseas.

If you are not yet registered, you can register to vote onlineExternal link

Ways to vote

Voting in person on polling day

Polling districts and polling station have changed for the Local Elections on 5 May. 

Get information on your polling station and how to vote at a polling station, including:

Apply to vote by post

You must be registered to vote before you can apply to vote by post. 

How to vote by post

Apply for someone to vote on your behalf (proxy voting)

You must be registered to vote before you can apply to vote by proxy.

How to apply to vote by proxy

Information for Candidates and Election Agents

Find out more about standing for election

You can also visit Electoral Commission websiteExternal link

Local Government Elections timetable

  • Publication of Notice of Election on Monday 28 March
  • Publication of Statement of Persons nominated on Wednesday 6 April
  • Deadline to register to vote on Thursday 14 April (midnight)
  • Receipt of postal vote applications on Tuesday 19 April (5pm)
  • Receipt of proxy vote applications on Tuesday 26 April (5pm)
  • First day to issue replacement postal votes on Thursday 28 April
  • Day of election (poll) on Thursday 5 May (7am to 10pm)
  • Counting of votes on Thursday 5 May (from 10pm)

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