Wednesday 27 April 2022

Huge Music Festival for 10,000 people to attend music festival on Copthall Fields in August 11am - 10pm

A huge music festival for 10,000 people is scheduled to take place on Copthall playing fields on Saturday 20th August. You can find full details at - The website says "Subject to Licence", which is why it is of the utmost importance that residents are aware of this event and have an opportunity to express their views. It seems very strange to us that the website is running and tickets are available, without a licence being agreed for such a large event. We are concerned that the local councillors may have agreed to park the application until after the local elections on 5th May, to avoid embarrassing questions.

The festival will take place on Green Belt fields in Copthall (not in the stadium) and will run from 11am until 10pm according to details on the website. Tickets are on sale now. Artists featured include Kenny Dope and Dennis Ferrer

Residents will be familiar with the long queues for buses to Copthall when Saracens play. This event will be on a similar size, but as a far lower number of people attending are likely to be from NW7, huge crowds will be hanging around Mill Hill until the early hours of the morning, having been revelling since 10am,  waiting for transport home.

Whilst we are all for events and activities that are good for local residents and the local economy, we were disturbed to learn of an article in the Enfield Independent detailing the damage caused to Trent Park the last time the festival was held there, resulting in Enfield Council banning the festival from the Borough (

We are most surprised that the local Conservative Councillors are so quiet about the whole subject. We know Barnet Council is desperately seeking to generate cash from local parks and believe such events to be most lucrative. Sadly, it will be NW7 residents who pay the price with traffic, noise and disruption.

Your local Mill Hill Lib Dem candidates raised the issue with Barnet Council as soon as we learned of the plans and were simply informed that ‘discussions were ongoing’. We raised a series of objections. We have not yet received the assurances we had hoped for that residents would be properly consulted and listened to. If you want Councillors who represent you and are willing to fight your corner when such proposals are made, please vote Lib Dem on May 5th.

We are available to discuss any issues you think should be dealt with. Please contact us by email at

Please use your three votes for the Liberal Democrat team who are fighting for your interests here in Mill Hill. If you have a POSTAL VOTE please use it now to Vote LIB DEM.

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