Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Time for Mill Hill to come together

Mill Hill Fire Station
We just thought we'd post a short message to all of our friends in Mill Hill. The Covid19 crisis is a challenge for our community unrivalled since the second world war. Many businesses are struggling, many neighbours are going to be having financial difficulties.

Barnet Council has a huge challenge on their hands. They are having to cope with extraordinary demands, whilst suffering staff shortages. The staff have been magnificent and unlike the rest of us, who are in lockdown, face daily risks.

At this time, it is important we support each other, neighbours, businesses, council workers, and emergency services. There are some things we can do, which will make a difference.

* Support local businesses. If you can order locally, do. This will make the difference. Local firms pay local taxes and employ local people. They have a loyalty to their staff that multi nationals may not.

* Support Council workers. Don't throw litter away, clear up after your dog, don't engage in anti social behaviour. In short, don't make extra work for the Council

* Support the Police. Reporting neighbours to the Police when you think they are going out too much is a waste of police time. Unless you know where people are going and that they are definitely acting in a highly irresponsible manner, then don't waste police time. Do you know that they haven't been asked to urgently attend to locked down friends, relatives and other members of the community? Let the police deal with the important things in Mill Hill.

* Support your neighbours. Speak to them (at a sensible distance) let them know you can help them, or if you need help don't be afraid to ask. Be considerate. Play music at a reasonable level. Not everyone has your amazing taste and may not appreciate it.

Whilst there may be all manner of small issues we have with the council, NHS, emergency services, now is not the time to make extra work by raising complaints etc. If it can wait, let it.

Please stay safe and if you need to get in touch, we will do what we can.

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