Saturday, 30 September 2017

Mill Hill Focus - Issue #1 - Saturday 30th September 2017

Welcome to the first edition of our Mill Hill Focus. Over the coming weeks and months, our team will be bringing a weekly round up of all the news from Mill Hill. Keep an eye on our Twitter Account and send us a message of copy us into a Tweet if there is something you thing we should know.

In our weekly online focus, we'll bring a round up of the things that have caught our eye, news of forthcoming events and other news and local information. We are also always on the lookout for great pictures of our locality. We have a couple of great ones from the amazing Burnt Oak Pictures Facebook page. We are grateful to Keith Ward for posting these.

Transport - Past and Present

The first is an early 1960's picture of Mill Hill Broadway Station looking North. The station building is now where the car park is. Sadly I don't think the Mid 1960's makeover improved it.

Mill Hill Broadway Station - Courtesy of Keith Ward
We were especially pleased to see the next one. It is a picture of the Mill Hill The Hale Goods Yard in 1962. We believe this picture was taken from Bunns Bridge, which was demolished to make way for The Flower Lane Industrial Estate in 1985. The row of Hawthorns on the right is all that remains, beyond these we have Flower Lane and Mill Hill Park. Sadly, this line now stops at Mill Hill East.
Mill Hill Goods Yard circa 1962 - Courtesy of Keith Ward
There have been hopes that parts of this line could be reopened as part of the proposed West London Orbital railway proposal, which we retweeted recently

Local News and Events
There are a few things to report.

There is a new Restaurant on The Broadway

Mill Hill Environment and Campaigns

We are keen to see better signage, proper maintenance of road signs and consideration given to the ambience of the local streets. Have a look at these and tell us what you think.

Another issue to address is litter and mess. One example is that we don't want the council to leave the bins full in Mill Hill Park

Have a great week! See you next Saturday

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